For Parents Last meet of the season report and video

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Last Sunday Bug had her last meet of the season. I am not sure if it is the last level 4 meet or if she will do fall as a 4 and move to 5 in the winter, as the gym has a pretty detailed list that needs to be accomplished by July 1 for fall level 5 and November for winter season level 5. Anyhow, on with the meet report.

This was a rather small meet, only two gyms and all of the compulsories in one session. Our level 4's started on floor, and our 5 and 6's started on bars, the other gym's level 4's started on vault and their level 5 and 6's on beam. This was the meet that I really hoped that Bug would do good at, as the host gym was her old gym.

Floor: Few bobbles, but pretty consistent with the rest of the season. 9.100 second place.

Vault: First vault she totally hit the board wrong, had no spring and ended up stubbing her toes so hard that she hurt her foot. Tears were shed, but her coach encouraged her to try a second vault if running back to the start did not hurt her foot. She went for the second vault, not pretty but she did it. 8.900
14th out of 16.

Bars: I was worried that she would not bounce back from her vault, but she proved me wrong. Not her cleanest routine, but still good for a 9.250 and 1st place.

Beam: Going into this event we knew that the scores would not be good as the hardest Judge in the state was judging. Also the gym that the meet was in was so small that the beam was only about 5 feet away from the bleachers. Lots of wobbles for everyone. Bug stayed on for a 8.700. 2nd place.

All-around: It overall was not her best meet, but she was able to overcome vault for an all around score of 35.950 taking first place all around.

Here is the link for the video
YouTube - Flip Flop classic level 4 gymnastics

Thanks for looking and your comments.



Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She had such a great season! Abby loved watching her routines. Thanks for sharing. I am sure it will be fun to start uptraining and be in the off season for awhile. :) Looking forward to that here myself.


Great job! I thought her floor looked fantastic. I hope she gets to move to Level 5.

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