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Thank goodness this is over. DD quaified to Regionals but had a pretty mediocre meet and she knew it. She got an 8.65 on bars (can score a 9.2)...Her baille was on the end of her fingers and she drug her fee. Beam was an 8.575 (actually a high score for her...but she missed her leap/jump connection and started from a 9.6)..Floor we didn't quite understand...8.85 after an inquiry...usually she gets mid nines but who knows...vault was her highest score (usually her weakest event) with an 8.925....AA was 35.025..enought to make regionals but no medals.

She is alternately bummed about her low score and happy she gets to go to AL.
Sorry to hear it wasn't her best meet, but she did make it to Regionals so that is great! Hopefully she will have a really good meet at Regionals.

Your dd has a lot to be proud of, getting a 35 at level 10 is an accomplishment. Just being a level 10 and healthy enough to compete is an accomplishment as well. Being from Florida, looking at the scores, they were unbelievable, the competition was very very tough.
That is the truth...We were pretty amazed and enjoyed watching the big skills. Where are you from in FL, Anita? We are hoping the showing at Regionals is a little better!
I think 35 is awesome too and way to go on her regional qualification too:) I am sure she will do awesome too:) Good luck at the regionals to your dd:) I am sure they will really be working hard till the big day:)
From a small gym in N Florida...have seen some of those level 10s compete in Fl..incredible gymnasts...
Congrats to your dd - making it to regionals at level 10 is a huge accomplishment !!
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