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One of our level 10s differed this year even though she just graduated because of a huge family tragedy - there was just no way she was going to even think about leaving for college this year. She has many recruitment offers, she trains at the gym and part time coaches
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On the east coast a PG year is very common especially for athletics. Usually it involves going to one of the many New England prep schools for a PG Senior year. very very common for hockey, lacrosse and football. Can’t see why an additional year for gymnastics would be any different.
Well that would be awesome, but that was not what I was told. Hopefully we will find out. Thanks for your comments. I think it is confusing, the NCAA language is a little obtuse if you ask me.
Just look at how BYU football handles young men doing their two year missions. It's not infrequent to have 24 or 25 year old men on the BYU teams.

NCAA elegibility starts when you start college.
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