For Parents Liv's Best Level 4 meet report w/ video

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Liv did great congrats.

Amber is competing level 3 at gaspirilla. It is a great meet, very big. This is her third year competing there. Her best friend is competing four so maybe we will see you there. I did not realize how close you guys were to us. I will PM you when it gets closer .


Oh that would be great! I'd love to meet another CBer! I think it would be so cute if Olivia and Amber met and took a picture together. We met another CBer at another meet earlier in the season. It's nice to put a face with the name too! Let me know at what time your session is and we can meet before or after. :)
WOW WOW WOW!!!! I can't believe I am just now seeing this! I have been off CB since the craziness of the holidays! She did ammaazzzing! I am so super proud of her! She looked beautiful out there. So poised, confident and just so darn adorable. She really has come so far from the beginning of the season. A true little champion! I bet she is loving that she is a Level 5 now. Only one more meet to go, I'm sure her confidence is soaring. I can't wait to show Ky the video, she will be so happy for Liv.

Keep me updated on all her L5 training. Ky already misses competing. They are really pushing her on the uptraining. She is working bhs on the high beam, lots of tumbling and breaking in her new grips. Her poor hands, they look so bad! I guess that is the mark of a true gymnast!

Tell Liv GREAT JOB from us!!
Not open for further replies.