Need Suggestions for Beam Mount

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Jul 25, 2008
DD#2 decided that cheer was not for her, and she started back to gymnastics in January. So far, so good with her wrist! She competed L5 last year. She has come back this year as a prep-opt, but she won't compete until next November since this year's meet season is already underway. Anyway, she is currently putting together her own beam routine. I'm sure she will get some help later on from the coach, but right now she has ideas of some things she wants to do, but she's having trouble coming up with ideas for the mount. Right now she is just doing the L6 mount, but she wants to incorporate a backward shoulder roll on the beam and she was thinking about doing that after the mount, but she can't figure out how to go from the mount to that. I guess she could always move the roll to another part of the routine, if she's really set on doing it. She is looking at doing prep-opt silver or possibly gold, if she is ready, in the fall. We looked up our region's prep-opt requirements, and you can use any compuslory skills L2-6 or optional A and B for silver.

Any suggestions for a mount? She would love to get some suggestions.


Jun 24, 2008
If she's doing the L6 mount, then she could just return her legs to sitting in a straddle after the stag sit (does that make sense?), roll backwards, and do the shoulder roll. Several of my teammates just do the swing over, lay back, shoulder roll to stand up.
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