Parents new usag level rules coming this summer, does it affect JO levels at a YMCA gym too??

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Feb 19, 2013
Region 6
Hi i am new to Chalkbucket. I have a 12 yr girl who was at a private gym for 9 yrs, then switched to a ymca about a year and a half ago. She competed till level 6, then was switched to excel platinum. She really wants to be a level 7, does not have layout or giants yet...
Anyway, her gym, a ymca, competes usag meets as well. Will all ymca gyms be following the new guidelines for the level changes this summer? Sorry if this is a silly question... She was hoping to be able to switch back to the new optional level 6 if thats the case.. Any comments or thoughts??
If they are competing at USAG meets then they have to follow their rules on levels. It would probably be easiest to ask her coaches at the Y what they pla
yes, the Y's adopt the USAG system. and i'm sure they will modify certain portions such as they do now.
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