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Has anyone been able to find any Olympic videos of the girls routines?? Also I thought that Nastia's little routine at the gala was so pretty and such a cute idea with the song being from the movie about Anastasia and that being in russia. ANYWAY. I want to see videos of routines but can't seem to find them anywhere. Will they ever be allowed to be posted?

Thanks in advance!!


I'm not sure about posting rights, but have you checked back at nbcolympics.com?
Sep 9, 2007
NBC have a witch hunt going and are deleting all vids of the olympics thats not from their official site- which sucks if you're not from America and all you can see is this really good advert.

If you want to download the vids I can give you a couple of links.
Aug 26, 2008
What are the links? Anyway, I can't find them anywhere!!! Well...except the NBCOlympics website. But otherwise they'll be gone from there when Vancover starts rolling around.
Arg! sorry, I meant to post that as a new thread, LOL.

I have Shawn Johnson's gold medal winning beam routine, and Nastia Liukin's silver medal winning bar routine on my youtube account. :)
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