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Mar 14, 2022
Does anyone have a great visual resource that shows the skills for young gymnasts? I don't know many of the correct names of the things my son does in his class and 'that was a fantastic spinny -jumpy- flippy thing you did tonight over that box thingy and well done on burling round the bars ' is drawing disparaging looks from my offspring .. Thanks.


Feb 27, 2022
'that was a fantastic spinny -jumpy- flippy thing you did tonight over that box thingy'
Hehe! A lot of my relatives (besides my mom who was a gymnast) have a heck of a time trying to figure out what skills are called. I tried to explain what a Yurchenko was the other day...:rolleyes:

I would look on Youtube. Have your son tell you the name of the skill and type it in to the search bar. I think you'll find some things.


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Aug 22, 2008
Several years ago Revolution gymnastics used to have an animated video library for all the basic skills but I just looked and can't find it. Maybe someone know of a similar one?
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Jul 8, 2014
I like this site. It’s not just for beginner skills and it might not have some of the very beginner ones, but it does include a lot. Also I think it follows the elite code, so some of the values might be different for DP. But still worth checking out I think.
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