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Feb 26, 2007
Quebec WAG Development Programme

I thought you might find it interesting to see a video of our developmental programme. it is similar to Tops and not every clubs competes this system. It is called Defi (means challenge) and has levels 1 - 6. Girls can begin when they are 5/6 and they oldest girls are about 9/10. The girls are given a % for the skills performed, they end up with an overall percentage which accords them different levels of final success and whether they are reay to move up to the next level.
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I like your idea.. nice stuff... We have/had (things changed in the club while i was away) a physica assesment/testing every 3 months or so (school term).. it worked nicely, it really showed the weakness and areas of strength that may not be as obvious with out.
How do you award a % to a skill? Is it just subjective, or are there some specific guidelines you go by, aside from a judges prespective. We had norms to compare scores against, which i guess is easier.

The TOPS program is an interesting program, it is an interesting idea, but it is not without flaws aye. Given all the girls that enter TOPS, its interesting to see that many just don't last.
However yeah nice work bogwoppit i like the concept, and i think its an essential part of any good gym program, to have internal assessments.
In the TOPS program I don't think the girks are meant to last. It is a great concept because many, many girls around the country can enter the program. But the idea is as much to weed out those with the ability to compete elite as it is to train the gymnasts.

That is what i mean, there are sooo many kids who show the physical characteristics (which is what the testing is all about) but so few make it to an good level of Elite. But i do understand what you mean Aussie_coach.. And yes it is a good system when it works like it should.
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