Coaches Question on lvl 3 beam routine

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May 19, 2010
Which is the correct way for the lvl 3 routine? I've been told to teach it both ways by 2 different coaches. After the handstand take 1-3 runnning steps, pivot, and then split jump or after the handstand take 2 running steps, pivot and then if you landed with the wrong foot for the split jump then take an extra step forward to execute the split jump.

Im teaching my girls to take 2-3 running steps, depending on which foot they want to split jump with. To eliminate any extra steps after the pivot.

Any advise???
You should refer to the compulsory text for questions like this, which is in a purple binder type thing, that your gym should have around. Ask the owner or HC for access for it so you can look these things up (and more such as values of the major elements) easily.

I do not work with competitive level 3s, so I haven't seen this much in action. However the text specifies (this assuming a RIGHT handstand, which can be reversed to a left handstand):

"Take two quick running steps forward in demi-plie (Left, Right). (If the partial handstand was reversed, take three running steps (R, L, R). Step left with a straight leg, then close the right foot behind the left foot in a releve "lock" position."

That said, at this level, I would do everything to make sure they do NOT reverse these simple elements, which causes trouble later. If they do a right cartwheel, the simplest and most efficient thing, following the text, will be to make sure they do a right handstand, step down to a right lunge (some kids will try to switch feet), then step left, right, left step lock. 180 releve turn (right foot will be in front), step right, slide left in, split jump.

In other words do two steps and make sure the handstand and split jump use the same front leg.

Trying slipping a scrunchie or rubber band on the dominant foot they cartwheel with so you can tell at a glance which is their good foot when doing the routine.
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