straddle cast help!

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Jun 21, 2008
Region 3
i have been working on straddle cast to handstand all summer and feel stuck in a rut. i am having trouble understanding how im supposed to get my hips and legs up at the same time. i don't think my shoulders are staying over the bar enough, but when i try to get my hips up, my feet drop. when i try to get my cast big, my hips don't go up enough. help? here it is on video. thanks!

YouTube - straddle cast
Hey there!
I know exactly how you feel! I've been working on straddle to handstand too! except my problems are diffrent to yours. Anyway, I THINK that your not piking enough. Your bottom needs to be nearly verticle( I think!).
Try asking the user Aussie Coach. They have really good advice.
Good luck!
I'm just a mom but when I observe my daughter in gym they somtimes use a small tramp infront of the bars and practice casting.Maybe that will help you get the concept.
you are leaning fine, but what it looks like you need to do is push up and open up your shoulders . u also need to get ur hips more over the bar, at least thats what i think:D
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