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Aug 20, 2016
My son has been working for a while now on landing his front tuck off the double mini. (He is landing on his feet squatting then falling to his butt.) He is starting to become very frustrated as this is the first thing he struggled with. He can do a round-off back handspring almost completely on his own however. His coach believes it is a fear of the landing so he is not jumping high enough on the trampoline to be able to rotate. Any tips, tricks to help him. I mainly want to keep his confidence up and avoid him getting discouraged.
Yes. Say don't worry honey, you will get it. Keep trying. These things take time. I love you now go have fun..................

For challenges in life in general because I think your son is rather young. The only thing you should be helping him get is patience and persistence. Leave the gymnastics to the coach.

Take him back to what was hard and or what took time. With video.

See when you were a baby, you couldn't crawl or walk. Then you you could crawl but you still couldn't walk.
See you couldn't talk as a baby, watch all you could do was babble. See how you called cookie, guh guh............

Math is another good one if old enough. Whats 4+2. 6 my kid would say with her oh mom eye roll. Yes you got that really quick, remember when you had to use your fingers.

For my girl when she got frustrated I would show her videos of her very ugly first cartwheels and attempts at splits.............. See it takes time and lots of practice.

Now when she claims to s*ck at something, I just look at her and hmmmm how do you get better.. And I get I know, I know, practice (with eye roll). Me, yep you'll get it, when you get it.

Your job is have the conversations you want him to have with himself. Work hard, give it time, listen to your coach, you'll get it.
Gymnastics is hard. It's normal for gymmies to get frustrated. Validate that for him and let him know that he will eventually get the skill. @Deleted member 18037 has give several excellent tips and tricks that you can use to validate and normalize his feeling.

Isn't your son the "prodigy" of the gym? Now more than ever make sure this isn't coming into play with his frustration. As I recall you were given advice on nipping that way back but it's relevant now that your DS is struggling with something.
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Thanks for the tips, yes we were able to nip the 'prodigy' talk a while back, and it is now "you have alot of potential if you keep working hard", which I am much more ok with.
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