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Dec 22, 2013
When is it appropriate to start flipping Tsuk drills? I have some level 3s and 4s who have been working Tsuk entry pull to back into the foam pit (hands on the end of an in ground tramp) and some were having to stop themselves from flipping over and their block was great. it appropriate to let the ones that are strong flip or is it too early? One of the Level 3s hasn't even vaulted on the table yet!
I let the little ones flip tsuks into the pit off of a cheese mat (fat end up against the pit). I spot them for a while.
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Remember that it's not the amount of flip that is important, but the amount of rise before the flip. If the kids can't roundoff to a straight stand on mats (at least) flush with the horse, I wouldn't flip them yet. Keep working the block and rise. Maybe let them flip a few into the pit "just for fun."
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Based on what you're saying it seems at least a year too early. Spend your time on the run, hurdle, and body alignment during the turn onto the table.
They are really blocking well on the trampoline. I will try the cheese mat drill and see about flipping them there. Basically, we had some extra time so I explained what a Tsuk was, and how they had many years before they would compete it, but it's good to start the drills early, etc.

They thought it was the coolest thing ever and are really anxious to flip. I just wanted to make sure there was no harm in allowing them to do so, with a spot.

We will continue to work the run, block, etc. Thanks for your help.
Just throw a mat into the pit for you to stand on. It does get the kids really excited about their vaulting future. I've never come close to an injury doing this. The kids know it's just for fun.
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