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Hi:)Im training to be a L6 this year and Im just about the biggest chicken in the world when it comes to trying new skills.Bars has always been my enemy but i need my flyaway if i want to compete next year.I've been doing flatback drills into the pit and ive done flatback tuck drills as well but im scared to rotate.Any advice?I could use all i can get:)Thanks soo much:)Btw-Goo check out the youtube page for some awesome tumbling:)

my coach said this is nuts, but I saw this awesome video on youtube of a flyaway drill...basically you swing, and put a resi against a wall not too far in front of the bar...I think it should be close enough that you have to bend your knees to swing...then you swing and release so that your back hits the resi (or cheese) ..then the mat pretty much does the rotation for you.. but the video is super sure to mention that you need to be spotted for this...if your coach is like mine and wont let you try it, see if you can do some in a spotting belt...thats how I got mine...my coach held me so I was just rotating but not actually falling...then you have to do tonnes of these....once you get the feeling of it, you will get over your chickenness!
here's the link for the drill: YouTube - gymnastics - introducing "flyaway"

ps...I struggled with it like you did, and it feels SO good once you get it :)
I have found with many of my girls who have been afraid of flyaways that a visual clue is tremendously helpful. Most often, they are afraid of hitting the bar, so I tell them to let go when they can see their toes. That's a little early for a good, high flyaway, but very useful for when you are first learning it. It gives you enough time to flip, but also pulls you away from the bar. I know that you said that you have been doing good flatbacks into the pit, but now when you do them, think about seeing your toes. After you let go, pull your knees over your head. I don't know what you're thinking about, but make sure you think: look for toes; let go; flip. Think it in that order just before each part is about to happen. Once you get used to it, you won't need to think those things, but for now, use it to get you going and get your confidence up. Also, there is a neat drill on YouTube for flyaways. If I can find it, I'll post it. Basically, you do a flatback onto a mat that is leaning against a wall and backroll down it. Try not to get frustrated or let the fear control you. You'll get it!
Unfortunately there's only so many drills you can do before you just have to go for it. Fear is a part of gymnastics and over coming fear is a skill in itself. If your coach is there to spot you just trust them and let go of the bar and go for it. It's easier to just do it than be scared and worry about it.
considering you have a pit, use it. The great thing about a pit is that even if you land on your head, you wont suffer any great damage if you stay tight. You can try doing the flatback but just as your about to hit the pit, like 4 feet above, pull a tuck. Then slowly start to flip it sooner and sooner
i still don't have my flyaway either and i am also training to be a level 6. my coach help me set up this drill where you stack mats into a pit and then put and inclinded(cheese) mat on the top. then when you do you flatbacks onto the mat, then once you land you can roll backwards down the cheese. and you have the feeling of a flyaway. this really helps build confidence too
hey i had that same problam in level 6 a drill u could do is do swing swing and then let go and land on ur back like on to a reze i have been sared to so just try that drill and then when u feel comfortable with that ave our coach to spot like u were just doiing on to the reze nd when u think u set like u did beore flip over. i hope this helps and how old r u??????????????????????
Im 13 years old.Haha sorry i sound like a dork but it said you had to have 10 characters:)
I was always afraid of letting go because i didn't want me feet to hit the bar. my coach would put his hand there so i knew when to let go. I don't know why but the first time i tried that i flipped over!
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