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DD was practicing tuck jumps on her mat at home last night. She practices every night on her mat and has never had a problem. But, last night, she landed a jump heel first (not even sure how she did that!) and immediately fell to the ground screaming. This morning, she still would not bear weight on it. She has no bruising, no swelling, no obvious signs of injury, yet says it hurts. She was in tears because she has gym practice tonight and is worried she won't be able to.

Is it possible for her to really injure herself this way, even without visible signs of an injury?
Yup! Injuries do happen so easily sometimes. Swelling and bruisng may all be inside, the best you can do is ice and rest. If it hurts tonight don't let her practice. Maybe it's a little thing and she'll be fine in a day or two. But if it still hurst in 3 days I'd have her to the DOc or a sports injury specialist.

It is often the way that they hurt themselves at home when they do way more dangerous things in the gym, enough to drive you bonkers.

I'll cross my fingers for her!!
Definitely--I'd bring her in tomorrow if it's still hurting that badly.
Yup - my DD fractured the growth plate in her wrist 2 months ago - no swelling, no bruising. I would get it looked at if she is still in a lot of pain
Yep... have it checked out. And speaking of injuries... I think that home is where most of our DD's get injured. My DD was practicing tucks at home in August when she broke her collarbone! Never had an injury INSIDE the gym! Needless today, she no longer is allowed to flip around at home!
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It sounds like it could be her Achilles tendon. Like everyone else said, I'd bring her to the doctor.
I agree with Bog. I would have her rest, put ice on it. If she is still hurting tonight, skip practice. If she doesn't feel better in a few days, I would take her to the doctor. Sooner if she seems to be in extreme pain.

My friend's little boy, who is 2, was just playing outside with his sisters, fell down and broke his elbow. He had no swelling or bruising, just refused to use his arm. On the day of injury (as is common) nothing showed up on x-ray, but a few days later, it has shown up on x-ray and he now has a cast.

Hope that it is nothing serious and that she is feeling better soon.
Jumping in quickly to say my DD is recovering from a hairline fracture in her heel. Fell (not far) from a rope and landed right on it. I would probably take her to be x-rayed & make sure they get several different veiws and do a comparision because of the growth plates involved in that area. We didn't take my DD for almost 2 weeks because it didn't seem to bother her at home or school, only when she went to practice. Keeping my fingers crossed it's nothing serious.
Speaking not as a doctor, but a gymdad with a lot of experience, pain is a sign of injury and you should have it checked out. Its no big deal to miss a practice, but an undiagnosed injury could be a very big deal. You are the parent, and I know all about wanting your child to go to practice, but if she is in pain then she should see a doctor.

Good luck
Thank you all for your advice and for your stories reminding me we're not alone!

As an update, she seemed better when I picked her up from school yesterday. I watched her walk on it without say anything to her just to see how she did and she looked fine. Another mom noticed in class though that she was limping a bit on her floor routine. I asked her after class if it still hurt and she said her heel didn't hurt anymore BUT she landed wrong on her ankle in class, thus the limp! Whew! She is fine now with no complaints, thank goodness!

It is scary to know how easily they can get injured! :eek:
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