For Parents What's your summer schedule???

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Sep 8, 2007
our gym does not change schedules in the summer.Just wondering I think the morning hours for summer is great but what happens when the parents work ?


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Feb 16, 2008
Our hours also change for the summer. The level 4 schedule in m-w-f 10-1. DD group will go all three days and the younger level 4 will go m-w. Since I work day shift at a hospital her coaches were flexible with DD schedule and she will go M-W with all the 4's and Thursday 7:30am to 11:30am with the 5/6, that way I could bargin with my boss to let me have m-w th off if I worked every Friday the rest of the summer. We also have 30 minutes of ballet on Wed from 9:15 to 9:45.

Jan 9, 2008
Our gym trains the whole team levels 4-9 the same hours during the summer. I am nervous because it sounds pretty intense for my 8 year old. They go monday tuesday thursday and friday from 8-12:30 and then wensday night from 5-8:30 a total of 21.5 hours. Training starts the first week she is out of school and ends before the last week in august. They also have a camp week from 9-3. Luckly she is a morning person and she will have most afternoons to herself. This is her first year doing this I am not sure how she will be but she is determined to stick with it and is looking forward to it.:eek:

Granny Smith

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Jun 21, 2007
our gym does not change schedules in the summer.Just wondering I think the morning hours for summer is great but what happens when the parents work ?

It's not easy! Both dh and I work full-time, dd's schedule is 9-1pm. I have asked my Aunt if she could bring her to the gym for me (and thankfully, she said yes.) As for pick up at 1, well if another parent volunteers to bring her home great, otherwise dd will have to wait at the gym until 3pm when I get off work to pick her up. She can bring lunch with her and her summer workbooks with her and do school work. Sometimes we all have to make sacrifies - the level 5s will be there in the afternoon so she could also work some skills too if needed.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
As far as getting mine to the gym since both hubby and I work, he is able to drop her off for the 8am practices(just a little out of his way heading to work). Carpooling is done to get kids home after practice at 1 or to the gym for practices starting at 2. Also we have a 17 yo at home who can drive!!! Either hubby or I pick her up at 7pm.

Panda-Girls' mom: 21.5 hours is ridiculous for compulsory girls. Yes, they'll get alot of work, but that schedule sounds more like an optional one and they just tossed the compulsory girls in to make it easier for scheduling. To give a point of reference, my just turned 12yo will do 20 hours/week training L8 for the summer.

gymgirl0805's Mom

here is chelsea's schedule. she's L5

monday 9-1 and 5:30-7
wednesday 4:30-8:30
thursday 9-10:30
friday 9-1

morgan is tuesday 5-7 and thursday 4:30-6:30.. i'm also gonna put her in the monday 5:30-7 too starting next week!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
My dd will be training Level 4 during the summer (Tue & Thur 5:00-8:30pm and Sat 9:00-1:00pm) 11 hrs total. I also enrolled her and her 6 yr old brother in a summer camp at the same gym from 8am-4pm M-F. I was a little worried that it would be too much for her especially on her team practice days but the coach assured me that the camp was light and they won't work her "too hard" :). They have a lot of crafts, movies and water games for down time so I'm sure they will have a blast at camp!
Jan 17, 2008
DD will train soley during the day this summer,
M & F 11 - 4
T & Th 9 - 3

We will drop off before work and pick up after work, or on M & F I will take an early lunch and drive her to practice. I also have some great car pooling help to assist in driving.

The day hours will be nice for family dinners but I still coach monday nights, now I am going to be there by myself... that will be a change


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Feb 16, 2008
Our gym changes hours to daytime because there is no air conditioning in the gym. This is our first summer there, so I am not sure how hot it will get in there.


We train days during the summer too and our schedule is a tough one because it's mostly afternoons. My husband stays home so that makes things easier, but I've had to ask for help from other team moms who have agreed to take my dd home with them after practice so that I can pick her up after work. I'm worried about our hours too. My dd is 6 and a rising L5. Our schedule is 12:30 to 4:30 M-Th and 8:30 to 12:30 on Friday, for a total of 20 hours. That seems like a lot to me, especially for a 6 year old, so we will likely be a bit lax about going to every single hour of training.



After school's out and until the end of June, dd's Level 5 schedule M-W-F, 8:00am-11:30am. In July, camp starts. I believe it will be 4 days a week, M-Th., from 9:00 - 4:00, with a camp show Thurs. nights. Then, in August, she'll go M-T-W-F, 8:00-11:30. I'm fortunate enough to have another team mom who takes dd home with her and her dd. They swim together, go to science camps, they're doing a youth theater camp, etc. In return, her dd stays over at our house some weekends, we give her gas money, supply the girls with snacks and drinks for the week and give her and her dh a special night out at the end of the summer while we watch their dd. I start work at 8:30 so thankfully I'll be able to drop her off in the morning and head right to work, which is 10 minutes away.

Sounds like all our girls will be busy this summer!
Jan 22, 2008
In July we start L4 with 12 hours a week. We will go M-Th. The week leading up to this we have 20 hours of camp to help prepare. We are looking forward to the new schedule. We will also have 6 weeks of dance beginning in July that will be added to the schedule one hour a week or two hours I can't remember that part of the schedule. Basically they add an additional hour to one of two days for the dance part for 6 weeks


Still no summer schedule ??? When do you guys get out of school? We have been out for a few weeks already - and they already added a few more hours each week for the optionals - now she goes 24 hours per week.
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