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  1. B

    2021 International Gymnix Cancelled.

    Just announced that Gymnix is cancelled due to Covid.
  2. twocurlygirlz

    WAG Gymnix 2020- is the US sending a Junior or Senior Team or Individuals to Gymnix?

    Does anyone know if we are sending teams or individuals to Gymnix this year? I know there is atleast a dev camp before Gymnix (early march) and most likely a National Team Camp before that date- anyone have any intel?
  3. claudidoll

    Anyone headed to gymnix

    Found out goose is going to gymnix this year would love to keep an eye out for other chalk bucket gymmies
  4. 1canadiangymmom


    Good Luck to any DD's competing at Gymnix this weekend. Dd's gym only sends level 9, 10, Aspire 2 and National girls, so we have 4 from our gym. Any others?
  5. bogwoppit

    WAG USA junior team at Gymnix

    So excited that the USA is sending a junior team to Gymnix. First time in years that they have done this. Jordan Chiles Gabby Perea Deanne Soza Maille O'Keefe Russia, Romania, Great Britain, Japan, France and Belgium are also sending full teams. Should be a great meet.
  6. 1canadiangymmom

    Live scoring for Gymnix??

    does anyone have a link?
  7. F

    Gymnix meetup

    HI all, So in one of the other threads we talked about a Gymnix meet up. Now that I have my flights booked and the schedule is out...... what do you think? Who's in? :D
  8. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Amazing Gymnix report!

    What a LONG 5 days! And here is a long thread to go with. I will start by saying that my daughter is a rock star. Oh yes. Not because of her meet results score-wise or standings-wise, but because of the incredible way she competed, and the incredible ways she was a teammate and fellow...
  9. Canadian_gym_mom

    Coaches did not let dd compete at Gymnix

    I am putting this here because I didn't want it up in any of the main threads. I am meeting with the coaches this afternoon to hear their take on the matter, but here is the basic scenario: DD went to warm up at Gymnix. They do the whole warm up in a different gym, then go out and compete in...
  10. Canadian_gym_mom

    Does anyone here go to Gymnix?

    I just found out that dd will be competing in Montreal at Gymnix this year. 2 or 3 days out of school, the week before March break. Eeeek! Does anyone else here go to Gymnix?
  11. bogwoppit

    Gymnix 2011

    A really great meet to watch. IN the next few days videos will pop up on youtube. Look for Angel Romoeao and Victoria Moors on floor. Angel thrilled the crowd, she is TINY and boy can she dance. SHe won the silver medal in a very strong feild of gymnast. Gabrielle Jupp won gold on beam with...
  12. canadiangymnast_eh

    Anyone going to Gymnix in Montreal?

    Has anyone gone or is going to the gymnix meet in Montreal? we are going this year for the first time and I have no idea what to expect. Im getting kind of nervous as we are flying out in a couple of weeks. I am definitaly not looking forward to the 6:40 AM check in time (4:40 my time) and I am...
  13. bogwoppit

    Brief gymnix comments

    So I had the joy of watching the Gymnix junior and senior cup today. Very, very cool. The US team was very strong, Jordan Wieber came 1st on all 4 apparatus and deservedly so, she is a powerhouse. Mikeala Gerber was lovely to watch as was Melissa Fontaine of Gymnix. There were so many Canadian...
  14. bogwoppit

    Gymnix Schedule

    Is on the Quebec gymnastics website. Follow the link and below the Gymnix headline you will see HORAIRE DES COMPETITIONS. It will open a complete schedule for all Gymnix events that weekend. gymnastique
  15. bogwoppit

    Gymnix World Cup Roster,11040,5187-194886-212109-146795-0-file,00.pdf Not awesome, but as good as we'll get up here! Remeber that there is also the Gymnix International at the same tiem which will have a large field of Junior gymnasts, the USA is sending a team...
  16. bogwoppit

    GYMNIX WC info & tickets

    From the Quebec Gymnastics website today International Gymnix et Coupe du Monde 2009 Billets en vente à l'entrée - tickets for sale at the door La Classique 8$ adulte 4$ enfant 16 ans et moins L'International 10$ adulte 5$ enfant 16...