2nd meet report for DD

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I was very, very nervous for DD's 2nd meet. I was nervous because she doesn't work Level 4 routines in practice and I was nervous because she got 4 medals at her first meet and I knew this meet would be tough. Her first meet was very small and in comparison this meet was huge. I prepared her in advance that she should not expect to get anything, it's not about medals etc. I looked online at the teams competing and their recent scores and I was knew there was no way her high 35 from last meet would place very high.

She started on bars and she actually missed her glide! Who ever worries about that skill? She was standing on the springboard and they had moved in another panel mat under the bar because she's little and can't reach otherwise. On the glide she caught one of her feet between the springboard and panel mat and just hung there. OMG. I was so proud that she just paused for a minute with a weird look on her face and then pulled over. The rest of the routine was beautiful. Last meet she got an 8.8 with a fall. This meet 9.1. I'm not sure what kind of deduction it is to leave out the glide. I think I may have jinxed her by saying bars really is her best event and she keeps having problems. Like I said, I couldn't have been more proud of how she just kept going. She later told me she didn't know if she should do the glide again or just keep going. Perhaps someone can answer that for me.

Beam was next and I was a nervous wreck. I thought she did a much better routine than last meet, but same score 9.1. I really thought it was low, but in retrospect she wobbled a bit on her scale. She actually raised her leg, dropped it a little and then raised it back up.

Floor she did a really great routine. She's really cleaned up alot of the little things and she was just adorable. Score 9.4

At this point I felt like I could finally breath. Vault is the one event that I don't mind watching. score 9.450. I actually thought she was overscored compared to some of her teammates. I can say that because I'm her mom right? She has a nice body position, but her vault really isn't very powerful. The vault scores at this meet were high overall. Lots of 9.8's.

It's really hard at the meet to know where your kid is comparing because there were 2 flights going and it's hard to know who is getting all those high 9's that keep getting flashed. I actually didn't write down her scores or her teammates scores at this meet. I knew from counting in the program that her group had like 20 something girls. I saw lots of high scores on all events and was hopeful, but not expecting much as far as awards. In the end she ended up with 8th place on vault, 6th on bars, 5th or 4th on beam, can't really remember and 2ND on Floor!!! I was really surprised at that. The biggest surprise of all was that she got 2nd AA! I was geniunely surprised because she didn't place that high on any one event besides floor and the scores were so high on the other events. I guess the girls getting those high scores must have had a low score on another event. The girl who got 1st AA had a high 38 and her score was 37.050 so it wasn't really close.

I was so proud of her and so relieved that she made it through another meet. I continue to be amazed at her ability to compete. I'm the type of person who crumbles under pressure and if I mess up one time the rest is a disaster. I'm glad I didn't pass that on. I try not to get too caught up on scores, but I was so happy she got a 37. I was thinking she could get a 36 if she hit, but didn't expect her to get a 37.
Sounds like she had a great meet. Way to go. I know what you mean about it seeming like they did the best but got the lowest score. Same with DD at her last meet. "cleanest" routine she has ever done..completed everything..but lowest score she has ever got on it..but she added a few "dance elements" to it in the begining when she skipped and jumped and bounced her way out to her starting position..lol. She took 1st AA at that meet too with only one 1st place on events. But the coach said they were all soooo close score wise from 1st to 5th on all events but bars(only 5 girls in her age and level) that they were just with in a half point from first to fith. But on bars DD was the only one who didnt fall or need a spot and got a full point over the girl who came in second and that was what pushed her into first. She only got 1st AA by .05. I felt soo bad for the little girl who got 2nd, because she ruled that podium for the most part. So maybe it was something very similar with you DD.

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