Parents Did you get your Fall Schedule yet?

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Bigger Bog M,W,F 4 - 7 or 7:30 Sat - 12:30

Littlest Bog T,T 4 - 7 and Sat 12 - 3

Agh!!! The will both have the same coach this year, which is why they are on different days/times. If we find it too much littlest will have to switch into another group that trains twice a week at a lower level.:(

I think it's great that I know ahead of time, usually we find out the days classes begin. But the additional cost of driving, not to mention the time involved is gobsmacking.
bogwoppit ~ you may as well put up a cot at the gym since you'll be there everyday!

I think this is our schedule ~ M - 4-7, W - 5-8, F - 4-7, Sat - 8-11:30. Nothing has been handed to me to say this is definite but the one coach told me that the schedule would be the same as last year. My son also takes karate at the gym, usually on Tue., Thurs & Sat. so I may invest in a cot, too!!;)
Our summer schedule only ran June/July (most of our kids are back in school already).

DD is level 4 and she will practice M/W 4-7p and F 4-8p.

I initially thought you meant fall competitive schedule and if that is what you meant, then yes, we just got the fall meet schedule this week. DD probably won't be competing till Spring though.
My dd will go Mon,Tues, Thurs, Fri 5:00-8:30 and Sat 9:00-1:00
Our kids are all heading back to school this week or early next week, so the fall schedule kicked in this Monday. Right now, gymmie has practice M, W, F and Sat. Weeknights are 3:30 to 7:30 or 4-8(depending on when kids can get there from school) and 8-12 on Sat.

Just got a note that they will have skills testing to move up next week and if they move her to L8, then it will be M/T/Th/F and Sat.---same times. I hope she makes it because she's come so far this summer and actually told me she wants more practice time!!! Here's where she is at the end of the summer: vault--tsuk tucks to landing mat, yurchenko tucks to pit(no spots), toe shoot(can't kip out yet) and baile on bars(said last night the coach has pulled all but the mat from over the low bar away and now is spotting her in hitting a handstand), kip/cast/hs, beginning front giants. Floor: mentioned a couple of new leaps and turns I had no idea she could do(sorry don't remember the names), double backs into the pit(no spot), double twists from rod floor to mat now(no spot) and front fulls. She said on beam she will work on getting a bwo-bhs as a series for now---is doing it on low beam.

So, her summer was pretty productive and she just wants more and more---which is a good thing I guess:)
MTThF 4-8. Saturday practices depend on the coach's schedule for her FT job.

Meet schedule? I might be missing something, but Omaha, Milwaukee (Hal's Harley), Des Moines (Chow's), Dallas (told the coach if dd is the only lvl 8 we're skipping due to the expense), St. Louis??, State, and regionals are somewhere in Wisconsin this year.
We start Sept 2, DD who is level 4 will go: Tuesday /Thursday 5-8, and Friday 4-7. She also has mandatory ballet on Fridays from 7-7:45. We also have an optional Sat practice from 9-12 which I think she will go to more than not.

I will be at the gym starting at 4pm on Tuesdays as I am working there doing clerical work so the owners can coach the team kids without interruption.

So far our meet schedule is Peppermint Twist in MN beginning of Dec, Chicago Style Meet Feb, Salto Invitational (Milwaukee) in Feb, and Harley Meet (Milwaukee) in March. Our coaches are also planning a possible traveling meet maybe out to San Diego, and 1-3 more level 4 meets.

Schedule - M & F 4:00 - 8:00 Tues & Thurs 12:30 - 5:00 (Beetle is able to leave school early and go to practice on T & Th's)
This year she is taking Pointe Classes Tuesdays from 7 - 8:30.

Meet schedule? We are still finalizing.. Optionals will most likely do 4 instate and 4 out of state meets this year due to the high state score and difficult judging.

meet schedule is Peppermint Twist in MN beginning of Dec,

Barb - Beetle and I LOVE this meet! She hasnt competed in it the past 2 years but it is one we still like to come and watch our Compulsaries.. Maybe we will see you there!

Also rumor has it our gym is going to both the Navy Pier Chicago Meet & the Chow's meet.. sounds like some others may be doing the same..
I'm trying to convince our coaches to sign up our optionals for a meet in the cayman islands - a few cocktails on the beach before watching the meet would make me much less nervous watching :D
Our meet season is all in the winter, so every meet involves snow and ice and even snow, ice and rain. YUK. No travel meets as we all use different systems, though some of our meets are far enough away to need a hotel, YAY, always fun.

I would love a meet in the sun, maybe in another year when bigger Bog can do level 7 skills, darn those giants, I could convince the coach to go travelling. Either that or I'll have to certify in Canada and take my girls for an away meet!:D
Mon, Fri, and Sat, No practice next week since school starts next week and meet schedule wont be out until Sept probably and first the meet wont be till December or Jan. I havent decided if dd will be doing 2 or 3 days a week she probably will be doing 2 one week and 3 the next since I work every every other weekend
Practice: M & W 4-6; Thurs 4-7:30

Autumn Invite - Raleigh
Bad Hair Invite - Knightdale
Rocktoberfest - Garner
Think Pink Invite - Kidsport
Capital City Invite - Raleigh
L3 Season Finale - Cary
We are MW from 4-8:30 and then Sat 7:30-12:30 for Emily level 5
Madi will be moving back to level 3 after all and she will be tues/thurs 6:30-8:30

Don't have our meet schedule yet but our first meet isn't till early december I believe.
My dd's schedule does not change for summer they go mon,tue and fri 6-8:30 L4
There first meet was supposed to be in Sept but decided to wait till Oct She has 1 -Oct ,2-Nov,1-Dec and 1-Jan .We will not find out until Dec if they will be competing the spring season which runs jan-April.
Dd's school year schedule is (this starts I think on 9/2):

M, T, Th and F: 4:30 - 8:30
Sat: 12 - 4

As for meets, no idea. We are heading for vacation next Friday (8/22) and won't be back until 9/2. I am hoping that there will be some sort of schedule released when we return - here's to hoping!
Well, DDs are now offically level 6!:D:D so their schedule is:

Mon 4-8
Tues 4-8
Thurs 4-7:30
Sat 10-2

Long hours, they are beat when they come home!
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Our schedule didn't change for summer. It's Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45 to 7:45 and on Fridays from 4 - 7.

Meet season is January-April but we do have our schedule. DD will do 8 meets starting with Hilton Head on Jan. 23-25th.
Wow Shawn, 8 meets in 4 months. Our L4s compete fall and spring and there are 10 meets from September to March. I am actually relieved that DD won't be competing till January. She will only have 4 meets for the season as we will likely miss the last because we go on a family break every year to the same event out of state and it is same weekend.

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