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The NYS USAIGC bronze uneven bars and floor champion for the 6-8 year old division is . . . . Jess ! ! !

WHOOOT! So proud!

she also placed 4th on beam and 5th on vault . . she's never placed for vault!

3rd all around

This was the first time she competed against kids her age and she was thrilled!

Tomorrow is Silver Beam and Floor.

Great job Jess!! Congrats to you and good luck tomorrow at your Silver competition. I am sure you will do great! Can't wait to see the videos! :D
Silver Update

The first time competing silver beam and floor routines . . .

Beam 7.85 - beam was so high they had to put spring board out so she could mount. took two falls 1 on BHS and 1 on full turn. But both times she climbed back up as fast as possible with a huge smile on her face and just kept going strong

Floor 8.525 - qualified for nationals!

It was a great experience for her and she really had a great time. :D

Next is nationals and she can't wait! Cal-If-For-Nia here we come!
That's great! Congrats on doing so well, especially the first time doing her silver routines.... but I'm confused, she didn't compete them in a meet to qualify for States?

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