Fundraising, Spring floor, and placement of equipment

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Hi there. My daughter is a 5 at a local growing YMCA program. Currently the gym has only a strip spring floor, but it seems the gym has room for a full floor. Any advice on successful fundraising would be greatly appreciated. Also, just wondering where we can go to get help with the best way to fit all of the equipment in the gym. Are bar space savers worth the cost? Is there a place we can go to research the proper distances between equipment.

thanks so much for your help.

I read about a gym that "sold springs" as a fundraiser. They sold a single one for $5 and a 6-pk of springs for $25. They had a poster of a floor exercise area and a bunch of circles drawn in the floor area to represent cprings. Then as the springs were purchased, the person who purchased it got to name that spring. This was a fundraiser open to the whole gym not just the competitive teams. The pweson writing the article said that they got such a great response that they raised the $ for the whole floor in less than 2 months.

We've done "Cartwheel-A-thons" - a great way to get the gymnasts involved! Each gymnast gets a sponsor sheet, contacts friends and family etc to sponsor, say $1 a cartwheel, .25 cents a cartwheel, .10 cents a cartwheel whatever each person wants, like a walk-a-thon.

Then on the "day", each gymnast does as many cartwheels as possible with someone counting them. Total number of cartwheels times the amount sponsored is what that person would pay. You can also give out prizes to the gymnasts for the most cartwheels (per level or age or whatever).

We've also done the Applebees Breakfast fundraiser if you have an Applebees in your area. We made $1000 doing the breakfast. I think Pizza Hut also does a fundraiser.
Our gym, and most of the gyms we know, sell chocolate once a year. It seems to bring in a ton of money, we have bought lots of new equipment that way, including a SA floor. We do use the space saver anchors on the bars, we use GYMNOVA ones, they work great as we have a very small gym.

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