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Do you know if there are any places to buy GK leotards besides the actual GK site? Especially at a discount or like an outlet type thing? I really want one but I really don't like any of the current styles.

Yea, i have found a lot on ebay. Some of them are new too, and the price is MUCH lower! Ebay is a GREAT deal...the have newer ones and older ones, so you have a variety of styles to choose from. Hope this helps!
try discountleotards.com

They have more than the GK but I find them to be cheaper than most other online sites out there. Also try the Pro Shops at other Gym facilities. When we go to meets I always check out the pro shop at the other gyms (they usually are open and selling at the meets).

My DD prefers CL Activeware leotards because they have all the graphics on them. They are good quality leos . Clactiveware.com
Where to Get GK Leos

All the current GK leotards - Seasonal and team apparel - are available online at www.gkelite.com


At the pro shop of most gyms - where you can order if they do not have them


by catalog - which you can also request for free either online on the GK website or email to customerservice@gkelite.com

I have found many GK leotards, new with tags, on ebay for quite reasonable prices. Just know that they may not be the newest styles.
Down East That's the GK outlet in Reading, PA. Even if you cannot make the drive there, you can call them and ask if they have a particular style that you're interested in. And if they don't have it THIS week, they may have it NEXT week!!! Great customer service too.
yes, the outlet is awesome! I have dealt with them once, and it was a great experience. They didn't have the styles I wanted right in stock(it was the end of the fall catalog, the day it ended), so they actually MADE the leos for me, took a few days extra, but the fact that they made them FOR me was awesome!
The outlet place sounds really cool, I just wish they has some of their products on a website! I know I like some of the older GK models, especially with velvet. But I don't know the specific styles or names :( I have been trying ebay but it is hard to find adult mediums! There are loads of kids and adult x-smalls. I did find a couple new with tags that were okayish but they guy wanted $59.99 plus shipping! More than I could get one from GK! I feel like it might be kinda weird to wear a pre-owned leotard because it touches your bare crotch area, so it's kinda like using pre owned underwear :p. Oh well hopefully I will have some luck soon! Thanks for all your suggestions! And keep them coming if you have more!


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