Level 3 bars deductions?

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Hi, my DD got a score of 7.6 on her Level 3 bar routine over the weekend. She would have gotten major deductions for 2 things:
(1) she was nervous and put too much power into her back hip circle, and she just couldn't hold on to the bar after coming back around to her start position - she dropped to the ground
(2) she is inconsistent with the pinwheel (mill circle), and in the competiton she put too much momentum into it and overshot it i.e. she did the pinwheel but then fell forward into another half rotation, and her coach helped her get back up to the top of the bar

Her dismount looked almost perfect (to the untrained eye lol). I was wondering what kind of score range she would have had if it weren't for the 2 issues above. What do you think her deductions would have been just for the above 2 issues?

I felt bad for her, because if she'd been able to pull her bars score up just a little bit, she could have been 5th overall instead of 6th, and could have brought home a trophy as well. I have kept this to myself, though - I want her to focus on improving her own performance and having fun, and not focus on winning medals and trophies (though winning is nice!).

ETA: this is USAG Level 3, and the judges were internationally trained from the U.S.A.
1. Fall on BHC = .5 (plus form deductions)
2. Fall on mill circle = .5 (plus form deductions)

So, she lost a flat 1.0 for the two falls.
Thanks for the feedback. So I guess it's fair to say that if she didn't fall on those two moves, she would have been at least 8.6.

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