Level 6 Bars Deduction

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One of the L6 girls I coach likes to do a beautiful 1st half on the uneven bars, at least through her squat on.

On her squat on, she frequently falls backwards, catching the bar as she falls. She glides out once her hands catch the bar, and then does a kip, cast, squat-on and completes the routine. Her feet never touch the ground.

What sort of deductions is she looking at?

Would she be getting deductions for adding elements?

She would get a deducation for a fall (.5) plus any form deductions, In my opinion.

I would definitely teach this girl a toe circle after the squat on (aka money circle)-a sole circle around the bar- its completely acceptable in L6 and a nice progression.
Is it a full .5 for the fall if her feet never touch the ground?

I think she is totally capable of a sole circle and should be learning it, especially as she already is working giants and other L 7 skills. However, the head bars coach disagrees.
Yes, I think so, but I don't judge a lot, thats what Im assuming a lot of judges will do, cuz she is still falling on the squat on. I wouldnt take any chances. If a kid misses the squat on, I usually make the whole group do 25 the workout after- that usually takes care of it! LOL! Does she have the right technique & control out of the kip?? I have some kids who are still a little afraid of the skill, and I draw a line on the mat in between the bars to remind them thats where their shoulders go when they squat on- that seems to help too!

Hmmmm strange the bar coach would not want her to learn a basic skill?? Is it a power issue? Very wierd as its a good basic skill that could lead into a toe handstand.
I would assume that there would a deduction for: 1) the fall (even though her feet did not touch the ground. 2) repeating skills/adding skills. 3) break in rhythm. There is a technical discussion board on the forum---there are lots of judges that answer questions on that forum. Try posting this question there as well.

As far as her not making the squat on--it sounds like she's not keeping her shoulders over the bar the first time around. A note about the sole circle around the bar: i don't believe this is a deduction for level 6 being that it is a supplementary skill, but it can be considered a rhythm break in the optional levels.
She does a beautiful kip cast, but then leans back as she starts to squat on. I was just curious what deductions she was looking at.
It's still a fall on the apparatus if she does that (.5). She shouldn't get a deduction for adding skills because the judging will resume from the point of the fall.

Sole circle shouldn't be a rhythm deduction provided it isn't done in a way that incurs one (which is possible, if the gymnast is "balancing" on the bar prior to completing the circle).
I just wanted to bump this thread because I didn't want to comment before getting confirmation from judges with more seniority.

As originally described, the gymnast would incur a .3 deduction for adding an element (plus execution), NOT .5 for a fall.

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