Proud mom to a second year level 4 who got her kip last night

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Hi all, My name is Melissa and I used to be a gymnast but only competed high school from grades 7-12. I did go to state on Unevens though:)
My daughter competed level 4 last year at the age of 7:)( She started at age 5 in the beginner beginner class)
She wasn't moved up to level 5 this year because she didn't score the required 35.0 in the all around in competition.. Her highest all around score was 33.85 at the State Meet.
However, she was moved up to what they call Level 4 stars which they get 1 extra day of practice vs reg level 4... Get to compete in 2 or 3 more meets than the first year level 4s and work on level 5 and some level 6 skills all year instead of only focusing on level 4 skills and routines.
Last night, my daughter got her glide kip and not only did she get it... but she got it with perfectly straight arms... And the best part is that it was her 8th birthday last night:)
My Daughter is a great tumbler... She can do roundoff to 4 or more back handsprings with increasing speed and great form...
My daughter's weaknesses are beam mostly... but she is definitely improving. She is afraid of the high beam but has her level 4 routine down pat finally... The dismount has always been a struggle for her but now she is pretty much hitting it with level 5 standards.
She is also a bit timid with the higher bar on the unevens. Hopefully she will work out some of that too.
I think she is going to have a great competition year even if she didn't move up to level 5 and by next year she will have one of the hardest skills 5's need to learn already down pat:)

I also have a little 5 year old who just started in June of this year and has just moved from the regular tumblebugs class(3-5 year olds) to the advanced tumblebug class which is invite only:)
Hopefully I have another future competition gymnast in the works too:)
That's so great! Welcome to the boards. I wish I had some of your daughter's tumbling skills! I've always struggled w/ all my tumbling-except layouts. Those only took my two days.
Hey Mel, welcome, welcome!

I have 3 great, fantastic, awesome kids! 2 boys and a girls. My dd is a tumbler too - loves it! I think its great your gym offers an in between. Congrats to your dd on the kip - especially w/straight arms!! My dd has still yet to do a pretty kip - getting closer though - I think:D Can't wait to hear about comp year for you - we won't compete until next year, soooooo I am very excited to hear how well everyone does. please keep us up to date - nic
Welcome Mel!! Great to have you and can't wait to hear more about your daughters.
Thank you:) I am glad they provide the in between level too.
It really is a good option for second year level 4s:)
Congrats on your daughter getting her kip too... Her arms will be perfect before you know it:)
Thank you for the welcome:)
That is awesome you got your layout in only 2 days... Emily is great with back handsprings but if we do standing back tucks off a mat.. She throws her head straight back and does zero set what so ever so that might be a challenge for a while for her. She does RO backhandsprings and attempts layouts on the tumble tramp track but I think it looks more like roundoff Backhandspring backhandspring whipbacks:) She will definitely need to work on setting tucks and layouts:)
Welcome and it sounds like your dd is coming along nicely.

It took my dd a good few months before she got her straight arm kip, I am glad that is behind us now. It can be a frustrating time.

My dd is a level 7 and she is one of a few in her level that already has her giant (which will be the next big trick for your dd on bars.) I am very happy that she got her giant quickly rather than the months it took for the kip.

Anyways, welcome and good luck to your dd. Does your dd compete Level 4 in the Fall or Spring? My dd has competition season right around the corner - first meet is 9/23 (her only chance to qualify for the first sectional - I am confident that she will do just fine.)
Hi Melissa,

Welcome to the CB, it is so nice to see so many level 4 moms here! I have a new L4 daughter who is 6 & will start competing soon. There was another site I used to go to but almost all of the posters had older & upper level girls. It made it difficult for me to participate because my daughter just started and frankly I don't know anything about gymnastics. I have heard of a "kip" but not sure what is is yet, LOL, the *biggie* in our lives right now is the ROBHS..but congrats to your daughter on making hers and also on her second year of L4. I am sure you will be a vast wealth of knowledge to me and some others who are just starting to compete this year. Sounds great that your daughter can work on those L5 skills, she won't get bored and by the time she does get to L5 she'll be ahead of the game. Hope you have a great season.
Thank you for the welcome and good luck in your daughter's upcoming season:) and way to go on the giant skill:) That is another big one I know:)
My daughter's competition season will start in October and then the state meet is usually at the end of March:) Girls are moved up after the 8-10s finish their season and that all depends on how far they make it. Last year our level 8-10s at our gym went to Nationals so no one was moved up to the next level till June. Then the girls have till Aug 1st to get all their skills at the next level and if they don't, they have to come back to their previous competition level. Thankfully we have a separate group for second year level 4s so they can work level 5 skills all year but compete level 4:)
so next year, the transition will be a piece of cake, I hope anyway:)
Thank you Blackie:)
I remember when Emily got her round off backhandspring:) I was so happy...
Now she just whips them down the mat, in our yard, on the mats at my workout gym which are the folding style, lol... She also attemps round off back tucks on those mats too... that gives me a little yikes feeling but she is gutsy with tumbling, lol.
Is your daughter going to compete this year??
Mine was 6 when she first moved up but by the first meet she had turned 7.
:wave: Welcome Mel, my 9 yr old dd is going to start level 5 next month after competing level 4 for 2 yrs. She is a finger spot away from her kip and beam is her best event.

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