Parents Run through today - Meet tomorrow!

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My dd competes tomorrow at 8 a.m. :eek: - gotta love those early flights! We will be up at 6 to do hair (french braids, dontcha know!) - a (very kind!) friend is coming over to do it at 6:30 - then out of the house by 7 as it is an hour drive away.......

DD is excited and just a teensy bit nervous (mostly about her acro on beam - handstand/BHS and then a BHS w/two foot landing), and I am just a teensy bit nervous about watching her do it, LOL :eek: - I hate beam!

Wish her (us :D) luck!

Good luck to DD !!

I bet she will do great. I would be nervous to watch that series too !!! I am still at the point where a split jump makes me nervous :D
Good luck to DD. Sounds like we all have a busy weekend. My DD is competing on Sunday!
GOOD LUCK! I hate 8am meet times too...we are not morning people at all. Only good thing is being first means you are OUT early and not delayed by previous sessions or awards. I don't even know if I could watch that stuff on the beam...YIKES! Guess it gets easier as your DD moves thru the levels?

Let us know how she does!
Good Luck!!! I'm sure she'll do GREAT! Vault scares me the most, although it used to be beam. All the crashes last weekend didn't help my fears!

Don't forget your video camera!!!

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