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  1. H

    WAG Grip sizing advise (could not find answer in old threads)

    Hey everyone, I've read a lot here the past year, but now I'm kind of stuck with something and I was hoping I could post here for help. I looked at past posts on the topic, but I've not really been able to figure it all out. I have a question about grip sizes. My current grips are too large...
  2. sun

    For Coaches Grip damage question

    The top part of her wrist guard is peeling a little.. is this normal? Too worn and should be replaced?
  3. Tea

    WAG Grip question

    What are the best grip brands?
  4. 2

    WAG Under grip thumb position

    Just a matter of curiosity... when doing undergrip skills like front giants, endos, weilers, jaegers, is it preferred to wrap your thumbs around the bar or keep them close the rest of the hand?
  5. F

    WAG Grip help

    so, I just got into college gymnastics after 3 years of not doing gymnastics so, I had to get new grips so, I go reisport grips in a size 2 (my hand is just a little smaller than 7”) but they really hurt my wrist REALLY hurt and the finger holes came and they were to big for my fingers so they...
  6. Mom2twingymnasts

    MAG Need help / advice - injury causing inability to grip

    My son competes in Championships in a couple weeks and he hurt himself doing high-bar. I don't think it was a true injury on high-bar but the symptoms became obvious while on high-bar. He can't grip with his right hand. When he touches his thumb to his index finger, pain shoots up his arm into...
  7. Splat

    WAG Grip/Wristband problems

    I currently have double buckle grips and recently the metal part of the grip has started to really hurt/irritate my wrist. I have tried washing my wristbands to get the chalk out and that helps, but only for a day. I have tried taping my wrist then putting a wristband on top which has helped so...
  8. jessifrostR

    For Parents Grip lock

    My daughter has just been invited to move up to level 3 and I was reading over the packet and there was a waiver we have to sign about grips. Luckily my daughter will NOT need grips this year but the form had warnings that really scared me about how the grips can break their arms or something. I...
  9. Kristie

    For Parents Help with Grip Pain in Surgery Scar

    My daughter had surgery to fix her broken radius a year ago. Her scar still hurts if rubbed or bumped. She’s finally at a level where (non dowel) grips are being used. But she can’t wear them because even with the wrist bands, it rubs and hurts. Any suggestions on padding that area to keep...
  10. LizAceto

    Grip shelving/storage ideas

    Does anyone have any creative/Pinterest-y ideas for grip storage in the gym?
  11. S

    For Coaches High Bar Grip Lock

    On Men's high bar, every so often someone's grip locks up, and often they break their wrist or worse. It seems to happen on eagle giants most. Why does this happen? What can be done to avoid it?
  12. G

    WAG Grip finger holes too big

    My fingers always slide out of my grips. I've tried everything, rubber bands hurt and the pit foam always gets lost or falls out. Any suggestions?
  13. S

    WAG Grip help please

    I seem to recall that there was a pic posted of how grips are supposed to fit. I searched, but cannot find it. Can anyone help me find it? Other dumb questions from a clueless mom on behalf of a shy gymmie who doesn't want to ask the coach: 1. Do the buckles go near the thumb and the...
  14. ZJsMom

    MAG Grip frustration

    So DS has been using high bar grips from a new company and we're not having good luck. I think they lack quality control. The first pair he had, two of the tines for the buckles broke off in the first couple weeks. Now he just started using a new pair, and the leather of the strap snapped in...
  15. S

    WAG El grip

    Can someone help me understand el grip? Do all men do it on high bar? Why? What's the advantage for girls over normal grip?
  16. N

    For Parents Clueless grip question

    DD mentioned her grips are feeling a little small, so I figured I'd get some new ones after states in 2 weeks, as I read they need "breaking in" (??) I didn't buy her current ones. Her friends mum measured and bought them. I had no idea there were even different kinds. So which part of the hand...
  17. nicci1999

    Yet another grip question

    So it has come time to get new grips. Has anyone used the tru grip 3 finger grips? I find them interesting, and want to try, but I'm curious if anyone has used them yet. Thanks
  18. kaloss

    For Parents Grip sizing help

    Dd was told to order grips for this coming season (and to start wearing now to break them in) we have size 000 Hotshot grips.Her coach says they are too small, but when I measure her hands, from the tip of her middle finger to her wrist, I get 5" (the measurement for 000). Is it likely that we...
  19. C

    For Parents Grip Emergency-Any advice ?

    Help!!!! DS has states tomorrow and tonight after practice he was complaining that the holes in his grips were too tight. My husband tried to make the holes larger, but rather than using sandpaper he used his knife! I am sure you can all imagine where this is going....he ripped the spacer...
  20. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG Grip sizing

    Dd got her new grips today. Us glove 000 she has such tiny hands. Is this size correct? From what I can see here, it supposed to look like this. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Still learning.