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  1. sun

    For Coaches Grip finger holes stretched too big/other grips stretching long after 2 weeks

    Normally I just have them add tape to the finger holes until it fits again. This isn't working with one kid, what are some alternatives? I've seen folks use rubber bands, how can I set that up? I'm also having lots of kids report that their grips are stretching out way too fast, like 2 weeks or...
  2. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Between Tape and Grips (WOD & Done)

    My DDs coach gave her Won(sp?) and Done tape the other day and it worked a lot better than her other tape has been. She said she wasn’t going to try and find something that would be between tape and grips. Is there such a thing?
  3. G

    WAG Grips

    Hi, I had a question. When should you change grips (get new ones)? Is there an average time period? My grips feel slippery and don't grip on to the bar that well. The optionals use the bar with a lot of chalk, and since I use the same bar, I feel like my hands are slipping whenever I do any high...
  4. Ashley J.

    WAG Share photos of your used wristbands, grips, tiger paws & heel cups!!

    Let's see who it the hardest working gymnast by posting photos of your well loved gymnastics gear such as your grips, wristbands, tiger paws, ankle braces, beam/acro shoes or tuli's cheetah neoprene heels cups!! haha
  5. W

    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Hi! I need some help. My daughter has been using the 00 usglove doible buckle grips since level 4/5. Her coach mentioned today there are better grips for higher levels and she shouldn’t use those above level 6. Anyone have suggestions?? Thanks so much in advance!!
  6. G

    WAG Custom/Personalized Gymnastics Grips? (Intent Grips)

    Has anyone ever heard of this brand of gymnastics grips? The personalization seems pretty neat, but does anyone have experience with how they work? My daughter has had grips for a while now and I always wondered how all her teammates (who have a range of leotard sizes)...
  7. C

    Sticky grips?

    I have had my uneven bar grips for a while and I put a spray of water and then cake it with chalk and I feel like they aren’t gliding around the bars very well, almost like they are sticking?? Why is this happening? Could I be squeezing my hands to tight? That’s all I can think that may be happening
  8. H

    MAG Grips with rolls or not

    I have only fought with the rolls in the grip for the high bar and always ended up using very thin leather protection grips of the inner hand. I just feel too distant from the bar and I feel that there is too much leather in my hand instead of the bar. Lately I watched the European Championships...
  9. C

    For Parents Wonky grips

    Ok, DD has decided to finally try grips! However, are the holes supposed to be so wonky looking? And how far down on her finger should they go?
  10. C

    For Coaches Gripping on bars using grips

    Hi all, I recently got my first pair of grips. They are shaped to my hand and fit well. I was wondering how you properly grip the bar with them. Every time I do any type of swing, they loose their shape and get rumpled in my hand. Do you have any tips for getting over this problem? Thanks in...
  11. gym_dad32608

    For Parents Grips! for small people

    and wristbands! I have reviewed a few of the grip threads about sweaty hands and the excellent break down of grips, but I was curious if anyone has any brands that they have found better for girls with really tiny hands. My daughter, been using US glove but she is super super tiny. I mean...
  12. CreateMagic

    MAG Grips for sweaty hands?

    Tl;dr: For my own curiosity, has anyone else had a kid need to use grips for sweaty hands? Pros/cons? I posted this on FB in a men's gymnastics group, but all the answers focused on the sweating or whether they thought it was too early for grips... which isn't my question. So, I'm trying...
  13. E

    WAG Are finger tips from new grips normal?

    I just got new grips and on my first day of using them/ breaking them in I got a rip on my finger where the finger hole is. I have never had this issue before with my old grips and none of my teammates have before either. Is it normal to get rips from grips, just new grips, or is this a problem...
  14. M

    For Parents Grips brands

    Has anyone tried these grips? They're a lot softer than other grips so my daughter won't try them I thought they'd be better for not going her rips is there a down side to them being soft? Is it weird?
  15. M

    For Parents Website from which to order grips

    Looking for English Bulldog Kipper buckle grips. Can anyone recommend a website on which I can get a good price? Thank you.
  16. JBS

    OT All About Gymnastics Grips

    This is the discussion thread for our guide to gymnastics grips seen at the following link. Please post any questions or comments in this thread. Also post anything that you would like to see covered in the guide. If you agree or disagree with things...
  17. HopeShantz

    WAG Grips

    So I am an excel gymnast and at my gym, you get grips when you get to Gold. I am practicing giants and flyaways and a lot of swinging movement. For, my team we have a brand that all my teammates have which is Bailie Dowel grips. Which is better velcro or buckles, if buckles single or double buckle?
  18. N

    For Parents Bruises on thumbs from grips

    Hoping for some suggestions here...I'm a newbie when it comes to the world of gymnastics and my daughter is getting these briuses on her thumb area from her grips. Is there anything that can be done to help?
  19. A

    For Parents Ugh! New grips!

    So my daughter just replaced her first pair of grips. She had the older pair for about three years. They are still in pretty good shape but she feels like they might be a bit too small- but not terrible . Her first pair were single buckle. The new pair are double buckle. She hates them right...
  20. T

    For Parents Kip before grips vs now

    My 8 year old level 4 had her kip before she got grips. She got it about a month before grips. Now that she has grips, she can’t do her kip anymore. She blames the grips but she won’t tell the coach. She is very shy. Should I wait it out or email the coach to see if she can do bars without...