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  1. A

    For Parents Pullover and backwards roll problems

    My 5 year old is in a preteam development group and she is the only one in her group that does not have a backwards roll on the floor and she’s only gotten her pullover a few times. She’s frustrated!! She has beautiful form on handstand and cartwheels (idk if that matters). I’m not sure if...
  2. G

    Pullover help!!

    I started quite late at Gymnastics (I began at age 11) and have been in it for almost a year. One skill I need to move up is my Pullover. I can only seem to get my knees to the bar before falling. I've tried everything and I need some advice! Thanks
  3. Marissa Barrow

    For Parents Pullover advice

    DD (3) has been at her new gym for about 4 months and there is a lot of pressure on her to get a pullover. A little backstory- at her old gym they were really reckless with the kids, having them do stuff they weren't ready for, not supervising the kids on the equipment, and while the teachers...
  4. G

    WAG Chin-Up Pullover Help

    Hi all! I'm really struggling to get a chin-up pullover and don't know what else to do in terms of conditioning or drills. I've scoured YouTube for additional drills, but the drills/conditioning I found and that were given to me in practice are now easy and the chinup pullover (or even just a...
  5. G

    WAG Is more strength required for a MC and FHC than a pullover?

    DD (7.5) can do a good chin-up pullover but is struggling to get other level 3 bar skills. Is it a strength thing for MC and FHC? Or is it just about timing, etc? I am wondering if privates are likely to help (she wants to make team and it's getting down to the wire) or if it's likely that...
  6. D

    WAG Help with pullover on bars

    Hi, my daughter is a youngster. She is having issues with the pullover on bars. She can do the actual pullover part (most of the time), but then she just stops and can't fully finish the skill by pulling up into a support. So basically her tummy rests on the bar and she can't 'sit up' and finish...
  7. G

    For Parents Pullover on metal bar but not wooden bar?

    DD started doing pullovers on the metal bar about a week ago -so it's a very new skill for her. She is doing it properly -chin up and legs over. She's not kicking off the floor for it. She claims that she can't do it on the regular bar because it's too big and her hands slip off. I am...
  8. Ali'sMom

    WAG Can someone tell me what a "hollow pullover" is?

    My daughter is L4. She said yesterday they are working on something on the bars that she can't do yet, I believe she called it a hollow pullover (maybe a hollow pullup?). I asked her what it was , but since she was frustrated, I never got the answer. I did find out it's strength related so she...
  9. Orangesoda

    WAG Question about pullover

    My newly 5yo dd is working pullovers in her class - not the long hang kind (I think that's what they're called), but the kids are doing them on their own while standing with the bar at about their foreheads. I've noticed that dd always gets her legs up and over but then frequently gets stuck in...
  10. P

    For Parents Still no pullover at 7? Will it ever come?

    My DD just turned 7 and appears no closer to a pullover than she was when she first started gymnastics at age 5.5. When she started gymnastics she very quickly advanced through all of the beginning non-bar skills and I was told that she was a good candidate for pre team. She has been on pre...
  11. E

    For Parents Dd got her pullover and other summer updates.

    My youngest dd got her pullover today (from only having tiptoes on the floor), she had to pull up and the lift her knees over, she did it a couple of times, she is also working on her back hip circle and is close to doing one on her own. Dd is also improving her straddle dismount and is know...
  12. justhaftafly


    Help! I've been working on getting my pullover on bars for awhile now without running into it. I can get my hips to the bar, but I get stuck upside down. Are there any drills I can do at home to make this skill easier for me? I know it's a basic skill, but everybody has to start somewhere...
  13. E

    For Parents Dd got her pullover today

    My youngest dd has had a chin up bar for 4 weeks to help build up strength to do a chin up (she couldn't do one), dd has been working hard on her chin ups and just generally hanging on the bar and doind skin the cats. I have been helping dd do pull ups by gently supporting her while she does...
  14. M

    For Parents preteam without pullover?

    My daugher (age 6) was recently invited to join a preteam at a gym that we had been trying out. We are considering it -we love the gym and she'd love to be on a preteam -but it's less convenient than the other gym that we have been going to. I'd love to get her on the preteam at her regular...
  15. M

    For Coaches Memory Games for Toddlers and pullover drills??

    Lately I've been teaching "off-sites." Our gym sends coaches to community centers around the area to teach classes and we generally bring our own equipment. My classes are parent-tot, preschool, kindergarten, and youth. I really want the little ones to learn their tuck, pike, straddle, lunge...
  16. TXCB2004

    WAG My 3 year old has her pullover

    Isn't this cool?
  17. Brittneyyy

    Squat on and pullover help?

    I just got back in the gym after three months of a broken ankle and recovering from an eating disorder. I've always struggled with bars especially pullovers due to not eating well and lack of upper body strength. Getting back in the gym has went pretty well, I'm not all that far behind...
  18. Brittneyyy

    WAG Squat and pullover help??

    I just got back in the gym after three months of a broken ankle and recovering from an eating disorder. I've always struggled with bars especially pullovers due to not eating well and lack of upper body strength. Getting back in the gym has went pretty well, I'm not all that far behind. One...
  19. munchkin3

    WAG L3 Pullover Technique Question

    My DD has her L3 pretty down. My question is on her pullover technique. She is small, so when she begins her swing and return to stand, her arms are way over her head....She does her pullover, pull up to chin way over the bar, quick pause and then lifts her body up and over through front...
  20. coachnmom

    For Coaches Kip vs. Pullover

    I am debating how much time to spend teaching kips when they receive the same start value with a pullover. At this level, it will be difficult to find kids that can do a perfect kip with nice straight arms, extended glide and straight legs. On the other hand, do you think that the judges will...