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Nov 9, 2007
Well the second meet of the season is history and we have an unhappy gymnast is my house. This was a big travel meet and she had set her hopes quite high based on her performance at this meet last year. Big dreams sometimes have a way of becoming nightmares......and I think that was the case here.

First up floor. I thought her floor looked good, her landings were much more solid than last meet. Still I was told that they took deductions for her artistry, her score 8.75, she didn't place.

Then vault. Her vault looked good. She completed the front handspring first, and then her coach gave her the go ahead to try her front handspring/full/. She scored a 9.050, down from last meet but I was very proud of her competing the twist for the first time.

Onto bars, I was very happy with her performance. Still no giants but looking much better, but this is a tough meet and she scored a 7.5.

Finishing on beam, this should be a dream for Cate, it's her favorite event. She has only fallen on beam once, that was last year at states when she had a bad cold, but then came her full turn and off the beam she came. It upset her alot but she kept going. When it was time for her dismount she missed the footing and OMG I thought she was going to hit her head on the beam. When I get the videos up I have to admit that you can hear Mom almost lose it. Score 8.025. I told her after the meet that I wish she had not gone for her dismount after missing her footing, but she told me that she didn't want to take two falls. What can you say to that but it freaked Mom out. She told me today, Mom I've come much closer to hitting my head in practice, and it hurts much worse to crotch the Mom don't worry. She said that the judges had the most scared look on their faces after her routine, you've got to love it.

So no State qualifying score, but 4 more meets to come. I have a lot of confidence in her, she still loves the sport and what more is there? She actually didn't place on any event, and I was worried that it would devastate her, I don't think that there has ever been a meet that she didn't bring home at least one medal, but she was fine with it. We went to the mall after the meet and she she shopped alittle and then had a good dinner and a good nights sleep. Today on the ride home she was amazing, it seems like she learned a lot from the experience.

So on we go, it's another two weeks till the next meet and it's a fresh start. I can't wait to see how it goes.


It sounds like she is growing up to have such a great attitude. My DD cried last year at the first meet she didn't place - it was her 2nd year competing and she had always place. The good thing is we can laugh about it know.

She stuck it out, and I think that always shows so much about them. I always hate when I go back and watch the video and hear my reaction! Sounds like it was scarry. Glad she is OK.
Feb 26, 2007
It's perfectly reasonable to cry a bit, dissapoinment is tough. GLad she has a few meets to pull it all together.

She sounds like she is growing into a very mature young lady. She has much to be proud of.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Oh....I'm so sorry! It is so tough to watch them work so hard for something and then in those few minutes that they have at a meet, when they don't do well it is SO SAD! Sounds like judging was really tough, too.

While I am sure she is very disappointed, she has so many meets left to go and improve on those scores! Hopefully she will get back in the gym this week and focus on that!
Dec 29, 2008
I am sorry it was so disappointing for her. :( It sounds like she handled it well and has a very mature attitude about it! Hope you both enjoyed your shopping trip. ;)

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
I feel for you and your dd. I've read many meet reports from this past weekend and I have to wonder if it was a full moon or something because strange things happened at many meets and so many of the gymmies had bad days! I am sure she will come back strong in 2 weeks, she did show some mental toughness and what she went through without gettting any ribbons or placements and being "ok" is definitely a sign of maturity. You can't win all the time, but it sure makes ya want to work harder to come back stronger for the next one!


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Sorry she missed her footing on the dismount...must have been soooo scary!!!! You have one mature gymmie on your hands! I'm so proud that she when for the vault...that is quite an accomplishment!!! I like to think of it as some meets are "working" meets & some are for "showing off". At this stage....(I think both of our DD's are L7 & right?) both kinds of meets are important to have. My DD usually has in mind which type of meet it's going to be for her. But yes, there are times when that old stand by event that she counts on for the "mental upper" just doesn't plan out. So glad your DD has the right attitude...yeah she's bummed out...but she's moving on...GOOD FOR HER!!! It will all come together...slow & steady wins the race;).


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
Debbi, I'm so sorry to hear about Cate's meet. It sounds like she's a real trooper tho! That vault is awesome and I cant' wait to see the videos. I agree with Granny Smith re: meets this past weekend..... Katy had her meet and it was a disaster. Her scores were horrible... she only got a 7.1 something on beam!! She fell on the backwalkover, which she NEVER does, but that was the only thing wrong that I could see! Also, the team's coach walked out on them in the middle of the meet! But I digress...

Give Cate a big hug and congrats! As long as her skills are improving, which it sounds like they are, she'll qualify in no time! One meet doesn't make the whole season!


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
I'm glad she didn't get hurt with the beam fall! It sounds like your dd handled things very well. GL to her in her next meet. Let's hope those bar & beam fairies do lots of flying around in the next 2 weeks!
Jan 17, 2008
Sorry to hear about DD's meet. I agree - must be the full moon! Hopefully everyone's next meet will be better!

I am sure that Cate will have a better meet next time, sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, is working hard and keeping her chin up!

What is your state score? I think I heard Illinois is a 34.5 for L7...
Sep 8, 2007
Sorry to hear that Cate had a tough meet.Sending Good Luck wishes on getting her qualified score for state ,she has plenty of time but will defintly ease the preassure of her.


Proud Parent
Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
Sorry to hear it was not a great meet. Sounds like she handled it with a very mature attitude Shopping does wonders... :) What score does she need to qualify? We only need like a 30 or 31 here.
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