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Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2014
My DD is a struggling L8. She just got her RO-BT beam dismount back (Yea! No more CW!) However, she recently swapped her single beam acro to a stand alone RO (weird, I know, but we are working with a lot of fears right now). She just asked me if she is "allowed" to do two ROs in her routine and get credit for both? Not sure what the answer is.... Anyone know? Edited: If it matters, her connection is currently BWO-BHS


Proud Parent
Dec 22, 2016
You can do two of an element but not three. So if she fell on one and tried again it would not count. Also you cant do round off roundoff for your series then roundoff tuck for the discount the third roundoff wouldnt count and you wouldnt get your dismount connection. Hopefully that makes sense.
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