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Hello all! My daughter just has no luck. Wednesday night at gym, they were doing beam and my daughter was warming up back handsprings just fine. Well, they get finished on beam and are putting away mats, when she stumped her toe on a panel mat. Her toe instantly swells. I was outside on the phone during all of this. I come back into the gym and she is crying. So I ask some of the other parents why she is crying. No one knew why, but one of the parents said that she noticed daughter was crying when the coach yelled at her and told her to get over it. My dd later informs me that the coach also told her to stop crying because she( the coach) wasn't dealing with it tonight. My dd is a cryer, so I kinda understood the frustration on the crying. So they continue to do a conditioning rotation and my dd is still crying. I finally am able to get her attention and ask her why she is crying. All she does is point to her foot. I had no clue what she was saying. The coach tells them to do push ups and my dd tells the coach that her toe hurts too bad to do them. The coach steps in front of my dd, so that she can't see me, and starts yelling at her again. I call her name from the parent area three times and she finally hears me on the third time. By this time, I am really mad, because I have no clue what is going on, except my daughter is crying and getting yelled at, at the same time. When she finally hears me, she comes over to me and tells me her toe hurts and I ask her why. She said that she stubbed it on a mat. I look at her toe and it is swollen already and bruised. So I tell her to go get dressed and let's just go home. I called the dr. on thursday and they can't see her until friday. so I make an appt. for today and guess what, her toe is BROKEN! So when the coach was yelling at dd and telling her to get over it, my daughter was actually in pain! UGH! I don't know what to do! Do I tell the coach exactly what I think about her yelling at my daughter for breaking her toe, or what? What I have to say won't be pretty! My dd wants to go to practice on Sat and condition and do strap bar but i'm not sure. Oh by the way, she is now out, once again for 3 weeks.
My daughter broke her toe on beam last year (she was level 9) and it required surgery and a pin (big toe). She was out six weeks but conditioned the entire time, did strap bar with her boot, walked on her hands a lot and a lot of upper body conditioning. It happened in October and she was able to compete her season in january, probably because of all the conditioning. As far as the coaches, they are not MDs and often push the kids until they know it is a "true" injury. Even after the surgery, I had to make sure her coach understood it was more than just a "broken toe" or he would have had her doing twisting dismounts!
My DD broke a big toe in gym two years back, dropped the massive GYMNOVA springboard on it. Hurt like heck for a while, lost her nail all that gross stuff. She had hers taped to the next toe.

Your DD sounds like mine, things just happen to her that get in the way of life. We have an away meet this weekend in Ottawa they have a huge outdoor skating rink 10kms long, but the coach is so worried about DD doing the "usual" , getting hurt, that no one on the team is skating!!!!

As for the coach, I would make a big show of walking in the gym with DD, announce that OMG!!!! DD's toe is broken and wasn't she brave for trying to work through such terrible pain etc etc. This way the coach will have to suck it up, she will know that she screwed up, but you aren't actually accusing her of being a prize b***h.

As for your DD, poor baby, sometimes it just never quits. I really feel for her, just want to give her a hug.:grouphug:
Life just isn't fair sometimes, and it is very hard to see them struggle.

Best of luck GYMNELLIE.
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