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Feb 26, 2007
Baby Bog is 9 and had her "Circuit Regional 3 Avancee" Amical (friendly) today. Some great some less so. The really good bit was there were only 4 girls in her level, so they all placed and they all were a supportive little team, very cute too.

Trampoline 1st (New this year they do 5 apparatus AA is the best 4 of 5.)
Vault 3rd
Beam 3rd
Bars 1st
Floor 2nd

Vault is a handstand flat back over the vault table at 125cm, she basically crashed on it both times, needs some work on it for sure, the table is high and the gymnova board is like a rock! No option of changing vault height here.

Beam, she fell on her turn, fell on her stag leap and then decided not to do her cartwheel, she was sad, ah well.

Floor was great as was bars, tramp is pretty good too.

I will post the floor, bars and tramp routine later. The vault and beam will not be up she thinks they suck!!!:D

Anyway it all gave her a clue as to what she needs to work on. She got medals and ribbons. Her first real meet in Feb will be 9-12 year olds, some of who will be thrid year, so she'll be lucky to get anything.
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Sounds like a fun day to me!
Trampoline!? What the?!! :)
My DD would be seriously jeolous. She's drawn to the tramp like a magnet. Especially the 'super bouncy one'.

Looks like B-bog has her list of goals. Can't want to see the videos.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
She did great !! I love her floor music and her routine is adorable. Oh - and that cast on the low bar was HUGE !!!

Great job Baby Bog !!!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She did great! I love her floor music is well. Must be fun to get to do different routines. :D Her bars were great as well. My DD would love to do tramp for a rotation.


She looked great !!! Way to go baby bog :D My dd is seriously jealous that they get to do trampoline as a rotation. She always wanted to try the T&T but there are no gyms anywhere close to us that compete them.


Baby Bog looks great!! Love "Inspector Gadget". Looks like she will have really good year this year!


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Very cute moves on floor and some nice bar skills there! Tell here great job!:D
Jul 12, 2007
E did outstanding! I enjoyed her fx routine so much - I think it fits her well, it was adorable... it is hard to believe that she will have to be up against 3rd years - but I firmly believe she will be able to hold her own.

Super job!! And thanks for sharing the vids - I loved em' :D
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