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Jun 10, 2011
My daughter is trying to learn to do a back extension without bending her arms...I cant seem to understand how to tell her...any advice....thanks
If she can do the hollow straight arm roll to a push up shape it may just be a timing issue. If it is a strength issue, handstand shrugs and a little bit of planche work will help.

In the roll she should start by sitting almost straight down. Basically dropping her butt almost right onto her heels. This will make the roll faster.
Have her stay tucked in a tight ball until her body hits a tucked candlestick shape. (basically until her shoulders hit)
From here tell her to shoot her feet toward the ceiling as hard as she can while opening her shoulders. This will actually give her lift to get to the handstand.

She should start trying this when she's doing the rolls to prone. Basically shooting the feet after she's already cleared her hands and gradually shoot earlier and earlier until she hits the handstand.

Good Luck,
well she has never really did it right to begin with.. I am new to this so I dont know if your getting this. What do u mean about opening her shoulders!!!Im lost there. and also from roll to prone. what does that mean!
haveher try to keep her arms just behind her ears & fingers turned in so her middle fingers are almost touching. Also, she should not bring her arms forward as shhe rolls keep them @ or behind ears.
okay I will get her to do that by her ears...after she rolls back and she is trying to push up her arms are can I fix that....
From the questions you've sent me and from what I can tell in this thread, you may want to have a discussion with her coach so someone can show you the adjustments she needs to be making. Much of this is difficult to describe without referring to some basics that should be mastered before she even begins working the back extension roll. She should already be familiar with the following terms plus many more:
1. Hollow
2. Tuck
3. Open shoulders
4. Prone or push up shape

There are many more that should have been introduced by the beginning of level 5 but those are needed for this particular skill.

The ability to do a straight arm backward roll to Prone, or to a Pike or Straddle stand is a progression to being able to do a straight armed back extension roll. If she can't do the straight arm roll, she needs to work them in the gym on a down hill first then turn that into the extension roll.
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