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Hi everyone,

I've been training as an adult Novice on the rings since January 2009.

I've nearly achieved the Front lever and am not far behind with the Iron cross. I can perform a back lever and often include skin the cat, muscle ups, ring push ups, ring dips, handstands and support holds in my training.

Aside from the above, I feel as though I must have missed a lot of basic techniques by not having a coach. Can anyone advise on some techniques that I should work on in order to build a routine.


Rich, get on the forum and look up the basic ring strength complexes on youtube. also look for a boy named vadim.

look for boy's compulsory routines of levels 4-7 on youtube. you can find the written materials online but look at the skills in the video to get an idea.

start filming video and post it over on GB...more men's gymnast besides the half dozen here besides an Elite rings specialist.

look up under rings or other events as most have video of some sort

after learning a muscle up and levers, start working the pullover/backward roll/felge on rings. of course, learn it first on a high bar.

another is the kip to support on rings. from a basket hang, explode hips up toes vertical and slightly forward while pushing on the rings to support. at first it will be more of a pullup and dip like a MU, but eventually it should be with straight arms.

learn how to press to shoulderstand and handstand and how to roll from support to hang in L or basket.

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