Bigger Bog Baby needs some luck

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Feb 26, 2007
SO Bigger Bog Baby has her 2nd of three meets on Saturday at 6pm.

Her first meet didn't go very well and she really wants to go to Provincials this year. she needs a great AA score at her next two meets or she won't be able to qualify, they take the top 48 from Quebec to sectionals and the top 32 from there to Provincials. In a group with almost 200 girls in it the competition is tough. With only 3 meets to qualify in; it is tough if your first meet is rough.

Having said that, she is capable if all the stars are aligned. She needs the bar judge to see that her casts are indeed horizontal, last bar judge needed glasses! She needs to lose the wobble on beam and remember the end of her floor routine.

She came home from a sleepover with a nasty cold and now is a snotty wreck in bed, she has two more trainings before the meet. Though I think she is totally ready, there are no new skills and she will benefit from a relaxing week.

Any good wishes you can send her way would be appreciated, she is a real trooper and I'd love for her to reap some reward for her hard work.
Hope BBB (bigger bog baby) gets over the crud and we are sending her lots of luck and good wishes.

Go, BBB!

Good luck to BBB!! Have her drink lots of fluids and OJ and chicken noodle soup is always good for a cold! I will send the good luck fairies your way!!!
Good Luck to BBB!

I don't know what works best for BBB, but when Bean's fighting something, sometimes the very best thing I can do for her training, is to force her to miss a day or two so she has a chance to fully recover.

That approach may be worth entertaining if she's really struck hard with a virus.

Get better and Good Luck BBB! I've seen the videos, I have no doubt that she's got it in her to qualify:)

Canadian Gym Mom
The best of luck to BBB:)! I'm sure all her hard work will pay off. It sounds like she has everything she needs to go out there and kick butt! Maybe I can send a fairy to sprinkle some good vision dust on the bar judge;)!

I hope she gets past the crud quickly, too (poor thing:().
Best of luck - that is tough to get through. Sending the blindingly obvious fairy to the bar judge - she was robbed last time.
Good luck! I watched the videos too, I'm sure she has it in her :) Sorry to hear about the cold, we just got over a family 4 pack of nose nasty here :( Sending the vicks fairy your way since we're through! (just in case BBB has the same hatred of mouthbreathing during sleep that mine does lol!)
Lots of good luck wishes to Bigger Bog Baby!!!!! I hope she is feeling better soon too. I will keep my fingers crossed for a great AA.
Good luck to BBB and hope she gets over her cold too!!! Also, here's to a meet where the bars judge has 20/20 vision!!!
Thanks all, the cold seems to have gone now. She missed gym on Monday, so she will go tonight and have a one hor private tomorrow to work on the stuff that she missed on Manday. They only train for 2.5 hours at a time so don't do all four every time.

The coach asked me to print out photos of her casts from the last meet, she says if it happens again she will file a formal complaint. As the loss is huge. 0.3 for the kip,0.5 for the cast and then 0.5 for missing an element.

We shall see.
GO Bigger Bog Baby! You can DO IT!! The meet is today, right? We will emanate all the good vibes we can from here in TX, and send them North to her! Can't wait to hear how she did!!! :)
GO Bigger Bog Baby! You can DO IT!! The meet is today, right? We will emanate all the good vibes we can from here in TX, and send them North to her! Can't wait to hear how she did!!! :)
WOOPS. I just realized today is Sunday, and that her meet is over. I am so sorry! I am still in moving-to-a-new-place-time-warp, here. I saw your post in the parent forum on how she did, so I commented there.
Awww, I did not get a chance to wish her good luck, xing fingers that T will make it to Provincials!!! When is the next meet? Is that what will determine now?

Sadly getting to Provincials is not easy here. There are 220 girls or so in her level and age range this year. The top 48 girls go to sectorials, the top 32 from that go to Provincials. They add the best two scores from the 3 meets and that is it. We already know that she won't make it. It is a tough system, but I guess it makes the numbers doable as MAG, WAG, Tr/TU and rythmic are all held on the same weekend in the same place.

It is dissappointing for her, but the competition is very tough and she cannot increase her hours to be more competitive. I think she will go into the scolaire league next year, max is 9 hours training for any gym and she would do well and get to their Provincials.

I always remind her that she did well and many other girls went home empty handed to, nobody goes to a meet not intending to place, it's just the way it is.
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