For Parents COTC Level 6 meet report.....Uggghh!

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First let me say it was so great meeting fellow CBers flippersmom and swiftli at the meet this weekend. It made things a little less painful! :eek:

I've heard that the judging at this meet has always been tough. Found out that the one floor judges was a technical judge or something, for nationals? Alyson, please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I don't think she should've been judging level 6. That's just MHO. Anyway...

Okay, she had a mini-practice Friday afternoon. She did her beam routine, didn't make the BWO so she went to the practice beams to work on it. I watched her and she looked up at me. I told her her hips are moving to one side. She says "I know" so I replied back to her "well then fix it!!!" So, doesn't she go over to one of the other high beams and do 6 perfect BWO's in a row?!?! She tells me then, on the way to the meet Saturday morning that I have to yell at her like that again! Well, I can't exactly do that, now can I?? Our girls start out on beam. Olivia goes up, does the same thing she did at the last meet, doing 2 BWO attempts, said her foot did touch but not sure if the judge saw it, so did it twice. Rest of routine looked good, except for her handstand in the dismount, didn't hold it long enough. Scored a 6.75.:eek: This is her lowest score on any event in her years of competing. She was so upset. I'm thinking, great, there goes the rest of the meet.

On to floor.... did a good routine, I thought it looked better than last weeks. She scored a 7.3. She told me later that the floor was hard and that she slipped (heard that from a lot of girls). Oh, well.

Vault was okay. I felt miles away in the stands, couldn't really see very well. I couldn't see her land. Scored a 7.45. Not too bad.

On to bars. Warm ups weren't looking too good. She fell on her squat on almost every time. That makes me so nervous. She does her routine, makes the squat on but still has that extra cast before it. She gets a 7.8....good enough for 3rd place!!! She was in the 8 and under age group, there were 9 girls. Her teammate placed first on bars with an 8.575.

Anyway, it was a low scoring meet for all the teams so we weren't too upset. Disappointed in her beam score but that will improve in time, I hope!! I'll post videos soon.

Thanks for reading!


Netty, really sorry to hear about the harsh judging at this meet. That is rough on the little ones especially. I imagine that the judges deducted her twice for falls (which is an entire point) plus the value of the skill if they didn't see her put her foot on the beam. That's like a whopping 1.6 right there. She would have been solidly in the 8s had she made that bwo the first time. Sounds like she knows what she needs to do to fix the bwo. I hope she can do it at the next meet. I feel your pain on vault - my dd is vault challenged and the scores seem to be low at every meet we've been to. We have yet for even our best vaulter to get a 9. I think it gets better at L7 if she can just hang in there. Sounds like bars were good and floor pretty good too. I look forward to seeing the video. I'm betting her scores would have been a lot higher at a different meet!




That was my biggest problem with the scoring. I'm not saying they need to be babied but there's 7 & 8 year olds competing. Cut them some slack! :rolleyes:


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007

Sorry about the COTC, former gym goes there and I've been hearing stories for years about it being great meet but low scores, LOL. We follow old L6 team as friends still on it and one (there were in a L6 sat session) got a 5.8 on floor. Luckily they were already mentally prepared so they had a good time and tried not to let the lower scores affect them too much! Great that she was able to come home with some bling, that always makes a meet better!

So jealous you got to meet up with some CBers too!!

Granny Smith

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Jun 21, 2007
I think judging was tough at all levels. Great placement on bars though! At least she was prepared for tough scoring and I have to say it was tough across the board...


So sorry to hear how rough the meet was. Sounds like some harsh judging! Glad that she did so well placing on bars! Can't wait to see the videos!
Jan 9, 2008
It sounds like it was a really tough meet plus she is young 6 seems like such a difficult level. My daughter has been lucky because her 1st 2 meets have been league meets and I am convinced that the judging and competition is easier than those fancy invitationals. It is great that she placed on bars I sat through the judging of the bars at level 6 state meet that our gym hosted last year and I remember thinking how difficult it looked.


Level 10's followed the Level 6 sessions, so we had many high-rated judges (Level 10 - Brevet). Regional technical judge was on floor. They were tough, but it seemed consistent to me at least (not that I enjoy a low scoring meet!). I think it is probably tougher on younger ones. I am hoping it motivates DD as next meet is fairly big, and then Pink Invitational in February is big. She was at gym last night and came home excited, saying it was a great practice. She wishes she had gotten to meet Olivia. We are hoping maybe at the Pink Invitational. Maybe they will be in the same session, so there will be at least two parents cheering. I have never been to such a quiet meet where the parents just sat there, not cheering.
Nov 20, 2007
My DD competed level 4 on Sunday morning. I had to stay back home with older DD so DH took her. So, not having seen her routines (he only filmed bars and half of her floor on his phone.....said rest was way too far to film.....:)) it's hard for me to comment but I have been to this meet many times before and found the scoring always low.

My DD this time got (age group 7 and under):

9.375 on bars (highest score for her so far) and 3rd place

Beam: 8.050 no placement (DH said beam looked good....)

Floor: 8.375 no placement

Vault: 8.95 (very low score for her...always scores above 9's) 7th place

AA: 8th

The meet is always well run and fast....the awards sometimes take too long due to the MC's love of talking....:D


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sounds like the judging was tough, but consistently tough, at this meet. Awesome that she placed on bars. L6 is notoriously tough and she is really young. I think she is doing great! :D


Yeah, sounds like judging was definitely tough if a 7.8 was 3rd place--level 7 gets SO much better!! Good luck to her at the next meet!!
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