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May 28, 2010
Pacific NW
DD had her last level 4 meet yesterday, and I had more fun watching her than I have ever had before! I laughed and I cheered and I gasped and I smiled. DD tied her highest AA of 37.7 and she had a fall! A fall for her is unheard of- but I cracked up when she did! The parent sitting next to me said "where did she go?" and I could not control my giggles. DD laughed, too- and was still laughing when she saluted the judges. She has been uptraining level 5 pretty fierce and whenever she has done level 4 dismount lately she is too "swingful" and steps forward on landing. Just prior to competition, her coach had told her to try to control her cast (Which has been just shy of HS lately,) out of back hip circle, and to try to land back on her heels. Well, she did- so far back in fact that she sat down! The she popped back up- her whole body shaking with laughter- saluted the judges- and joined her team, who were all slack jawed. (DD is the "bar queen" of the team and is typically pretty flawless.) Here is # 1 of the BRAG part! In addition to awards at this meet, the judges pick one child per event that did something amazing to recognize. (for example, one girl got an award for her handstand on her beam dismount- apparently the 1st bell dinged just as she went to hs. She continued to hold HS until after 2nd bell. I guess it was a 13 second hs.) DD got a certificate and trophy from the bar judges for most "technically perfect bar routine of the day." So, although this was the 1st meet that she did not place 1st on bars- in fact she didn't place at all on them- the judges still recognized the beauty of the routine prior to her seat drop! It was awesome, and DD's favorite trophy of the day- although she received 4 others for "normal" placements.
The 2nd part of the BRAG is just that my dd has the most wonderful attitude when she is competing. She did not let the fall affect the rest of the competition, and posted her highest scores to date on floor- 9.75 and 1st! as well as vault 9.6 and 2nd! She also took 2nd on beam and 2nd AA.
In the car on the loooooong ride home DD was talking about the meet, so I asked her about her fall and how she felt. She said that she was actually okay with it because she imagined how silly she looked, and she was proud of herself for making the correction the coach wanted- even if she did over correct. haha!
DD knows she can't control scores given, only the routines performed, but even so, she was hoping to break a 38 AA during the season. I didn't bring it up, but she did. DD said "you know what? I totally could have gotten a 38. I didn't, but I know I could have, so it is okay." I just smiled.
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Yay for your dd!!! Level 5 is so fun to watch! She will have a blast. Only draw back is that awful floor music...I hope u guys use the newer version. The old stuff is awful , and what we had to listen to. Anyway:, best of luck to your dd on her new adventure!!
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