For Parents First L6 meet tonight

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It's been a good way. She just finished La Gioconda and is now in a production of Queen of Spades being conducted by Seiji Ozawa. She has a great part, what a shame this one's not being shown as part of this years Live in HD simulcasts.

I just received this picture and thought I'd like to share it with my chalkbucket friends. This is a proof from Queen of Spades

This one is from La Boheme. DD is on the far right. I asked her how I could spot her on stage and she said "My costume is the color or barf":eek:

This one's from an from a 2007 NY Times piece called "Casting For The Nutcracker". DD's the 5th girl from the left

2007 backstage at the Nutcracker

Always my little angel

Pointing to the costume of the the part that she really wanted, 'Marie'


After the show

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Wow she is so talented! Gorgeous photos. You must be very proud. I love ballet but neither of my girls took to it.
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Thank you for the videos and pics - they are great! She is starting out her L6 season wonderfully. You have to be great to score like that on L6, but on your first meet - WOW:D! Her bars were awesome!
Oh my gosh... she's absolutely gorgeous on her routines!! That ballet training is evident and her strength is amazing! She's going to have a fantastic year, whatever she does!

WOW! Amazing! When your DD does move to optionals you should have her do a classical ballet routine. We have one girl that has done ballet for years and did The Nutcracker as her Floor Routine for 2 years She got mid to high 9's. Your DD will Shine!
Just got a chance to watch the vids from the meet. OMG---her floor was gorgeous. I'm sure the judges were drooling over her presentation and line. Really hard pressed to find too many deductions. Her line on bars is so pretty also. I can't wait to see her in what---about 5 weeks now? She is going to have such a wonderful time this L6 season.

I know we have discussions about what being "tight" is. If you're trying to get that through to your dd(with little success) have them watch these vids!

TeamDad---you have such a talented dd-----and cute too! BTW--the bun for her looks god because she presents like a ballerina. Mine is more like a linebacker and the pony is a good look for her! I've told her about your dd and she's looked at some of the pics and sighs saying, "I'll never be that flexible or have my leaps look so easy."
Thanks everyone for your positive comments. DD has worked very hard and is starting to enjoy the rewards that come with hard work and dedication. We are very proud of her. She is becoming a remarkable young woman.
I just saw her videos. She really is graceful and such a beautiful gymnast. She made those bars look like it was so easy. Hard to know what to do with regards to scoring out or competing for a season as a L6. She will definitely do well and that does feel nice! Thanks for sharing her ballet pics as well. She is beautiful!
Thanks mariposamama,

I spoke briefly to her head coach and she was going to talk to DD's coach's to see how they think she's progressing. Whatever they decide, I'm sure that it will be best for DD, her team and the program. I also learned that she hasn't scored out yet since our meet was an out of state meet.

Personally, I'd like to see her continue to perfect her L6 routines and finish her L6 season before moving up, but I'm going leave it up to the experts. Her head coach said that she wants to make sure that she has mastered these skills before she moves up and starts to drop some of them. I should know what they have decided pretty soon.
One last picture......I promise:D My wife had this made up for Christmas. I think it came out great!

That is an awesome picture! At L4 States, they had a photog there and there was at least one good one from each event, I keep meaning to order the poster from him. Thanks for sharing!
I just watched the videos!!! WOW! Awesome job! So beautiful and elegant! I am definitely keeping Dani in ballet while she does gymnastics--it seems like it adds so much to the floor routine!
Thanks MdGymMom01, I totally agree about the ballet. Besides helping with flexibility and balance, I think it helps to develop long lean muscles. The first few years were tough and alot of work without much payoff, but now she's dancing and she loves it. I hope you gals stick with it, I really enjoy watching the artistry and grace that ballet helps to bring to gymnastics.

Thanks again everyone for the wonderful comments.
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