First Level 8 Meet Saturday

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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Little Monkey is competing at COTC this Saturday...her first Level 8 meet, her first meet on her new team.... She's very excited and I'm probably more nervous than she is. She loves her new teammates and coaches (well, not so new anymore I guess, she's been there since May 2nd) and can't wait to hang out and have fun with a big group of girls her age, which she never had on her old team.

Now let's hope the leotards arrive tomorrow!
Good Luck to your little one at the meet... but even more good luck to you all on getting those leotards! That's probably a bigger stress for gyms this year than the actual competitions ;)
Oh how exciting! That was one of DD's first meets with her new team and it was so much fun:). She was little and enjoyed going to a hotel, looking at the tall buildings and competing in a big place. Wish you Dd the best and tons of fun:). Gymnastike is doing coverage of the event so tell your family they may be able to see some video of her on that website.
DD loved having a teammate, lots of coaches and a whole cheering section!She did very well, I'm happy to have first meet over with so I know what to expect!Vault - tuck tsuk 9.1 2nd plBars - hesitation on squat on (still after 4 years) cost her - 9.175 2nd plBeam -ugh! Fell after series, then big wobble after full turn 8.45 4th plFx - 9.3 2nd placeAA 36.025 2nd place "trophy" was a cool snow globe!1st place vault, beam, fx and AA went to teammate. A great day!
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