Floor music for the little ones!

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Mar 15, 2010
I have a couple pieces picked out already, but I need a couple more.

The girls are 7-9 years old and we are going for something cute :) They will be competing Provincial 1, comparable to Level 4 USAG.

Ideas? Thanks for the help!
We have some wonderful tracks that are great for younger children. Be Our Guest is one of our new tracks as well as Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies. We also have some great original pieces such as Dance of the Clockshop Elves and Once Upon a Storytime that are perfect for younger gymnasts.

Just click on our banner at the top of the forum to check us out.

Thanks much!

Energym Music
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My dd used a song from Aladdin that turn out to be a cute routine - its called Friend Like Me. There is a Winnie the Pooh song that is super cute for little ones and I've heard some cute ones from Shrek.
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Anything from Disney is adorable, I love Under the Sea as a routine, it can be so cute. After you have songs, I would let them have some say (and their parents) into a song off the CD, if you didn't plan that already.
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When I was looking at possible songs for our younger girls at the gym, I loved a floor cut that I saw on Youtube from the movie Tangled - it was the piece of music when Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were dancing in the town square. There was also an awesome one from How to Train your Dragon on Youtube.
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