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Ok well I hurt my heal on Monday and I told my floor coach that it hurt. She told me to ice it and then do dance throughs. Well a couple of days has gone by and it still hurts really bad!! I've been Iceing alot and taking advill before I go to gym. My mom made me a doctors appointment and my coach suggested a heal cup because it hurts to bad to run. One problem is my vault coach dosent believe me that my foot hurts. I was crying today on vault. And I dont ever cry during practice!! Should my mom call the coach becuase he is also the owner. Please help!!


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Sep 19, 2008
If it's not common for you to have injuries or be in pain then yes I'd have your mom call. It doesn't have to be heated. She can just mention the heel issue and ask that you go light on it until you make it to the doctor for a diagnosis/treatment plan.


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Feb 26, 2007
If it hurts that bad you shouldn't be doing anything on it. Go to the doctor and get it looked at. Working out on an injury is a very bad idea.

Flippers Mom

Jul 20, 2009
Region 3
Flipper hurt her heel (hit the frame of the tramp in the pit) right before she got H1N1. We had the doctor look at it since we were already there. The bruising had spread to her toes and up onto the leg and everything was swollen. The xray showed nothing. We were told it was just deep trauma. It has been 3 weeks and there is still bruising and while the pain is much better, it still hurts to run or land on it. I wish she hadn't been sick, but I'm glad the heel had those 2 weeks to heal. Do whatever the doctor says, but know it's not going to get better overnight even if it isn't broken. Make sure you wear soft, supportive shoes outside of gym - the doctor told Flipper not to go barefoot.
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