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Oct 26, 2007
Hi, my sister sent me a short clip of her daughter doing her mill circle in hopes that I might see what the difference in my dd's mill circle and my niece's. I have no idea the only thing I see is that is different is her hooked leg. Here is some video of my niece doing her mill circle. What is she doing wrong and how can she fix it? She needs to fix this in the next two weeks because she has her first L3 competion in 2 weeks and her gym won't let girls compete if they need a spot.

YouTube - niece mill circle


First thing. Anchor that bar. Put some weights on the bottom. She is losing momentum by it moving besides it being a danger.

Her chest is hunched over as she starts the mill circle. Start chest open, head as high as possible. Everything as extended as possible. I like the foot to be as high as possible when they start and finish the mill circle.

Big step around the bar, don't pull into the bar. It's all about extension and pushing away from the bar ( but holding on with the grip pulling ).

She should learn a knee uprise. Hang from the bar underneath the knee ( it's uncomfortable for sure ). Swing the other leg and build up momentum. Eventually she'll just end up in support. This is the second half of the mill circle.
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