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Jul 15, 2014
Considering all other things being equal, how much better can a floor/beam routine if the judge likes one routine more than another? ie. if the choreography or music fits a gymnast really well, or if a routine just has a little more pizazz?
I think a beam or floor routine that appeals to the judges may get a little boost all things being equal. But a great routine alone will unlikely win a meet. Whether judges prefer a routine with more pizzaz or if it fits the gymnast better varies with each judge.
I sat at the head judge table for floor at level 10 States. After a particularly well choreographed and performed routine the judge said she "may have overlooked some things" because the presentation was so fantastic. Also I dont know if it was the same routine but she had me write down a high score and set it to the side- I always assumed it was used as a gauge to compare later routines to.
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