Judging Women's Gymnastics in the state of NY

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VA Gym Coach

Hi there,

I am a new resident of New York. I moved here about 2 months ago from Virginia. I have been coaching competitive gymnastics in VA for over 6 years and was hoping to continue in NY. However, gyms in upstate NY and the need for competitive coaches seem to be little to none at the moment. So my next thought to stay involved in the competitive world is to judge. I am unsure of how to start the process in the state of New York though. I went to NY's webpage with no luck. I was wondering if there is anyone in this forum that could give me a contact or point me in the right direction to become a judge in New York.

Any help is much appreciated! :)
try googling NY- NAWGJ- if not pm me and I can give you an email address

Boy, if you move further up the east coast you will find gyms that are plentiful and desperately in need of coaches!!!
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And oh boy am I sad you left Virginia!!! Where in VA were you coaching? I'm pretty familiar with all of the gyms in Northern Virginia!
I coached in the Hampton Roads area. I was at Gymstrada for years than spent a couple seasons at Tony Hampton's gym, Hurricane Gymnastics. I also helped out Tidewater Gymnastics Academy when it first opened. I am very sad to have left Virginia as well! Great gymnastics community in that state. I miss it a lot. Are you living in Northern Virginia?
Yes, I'm in Northern Virginia. DD went to Capital Gymnastics for a few years and we're now at a fairly new gym, Loudoun Gymnastics. We attended a meet at Gymstrada last spring (I think it was in March). There ARE some really awesome gyms here, aren't there? There are a few here at CB that are from gyms in Virginia as well.

I think you'll find this is a really neat place to talk "shop"! Welcome to CB!
Small world! My dd started gymnastics at Excalibur. She did levels 4 and 6 there before we moved to the west coast. Her coach at the time had been at gymstrada before he and his wife moved over to Excalibur. We still stay in contact with a lot of the girls from there!

From a parents view, having judging experience will make you a better coach when you get back to it!
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