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DD finally has her first meet of the season (L5 - 2nd year) this Saturday PM. It's a big meet, but only 60 in their rotation. Lots of gyms from different states.

Any faries would be appreciated. If I get the "make sure the judge see's the cast is horizontal" fairy, I promised to send it to Bog when I'm done!!

She's excited, and of course I'll be a nervous wreck. I just want her to be happy with how she does.
Jul 12, 2007

Tinkerbell says she's got this one... She says she will see to it that the judges will see your dd's casts properly... :D

GOOD LUCK wishes to your dd for a wonderful first L5 meet of the season!
Feb 26, 2007
Sending you a wonderful "swingful exection" fairy, so she'll stun the judges with her flowing routine.

Have a blast. Only 60 in her rotation, that sounds like a lot. Do they split them into smaller groups for awards?


They are in 8 squads (Mod Capital Cup), so it is a quick meet. The don't even warm-up until 6:45 pm and awards are at 9:30. There are 3 age groups. She is 10 and is in the 10+ age group. I think it will be a smaller group than the younger ones though.

I'm always glad to get through the first one though!


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
Sending lots of luck to your DD!!!! Hope those judges actually watch her cast this time, instead of sneezing, or whatever they did last time, that had them distracted!:confused: Have a good time & try to stay calm & relaxed! Sending the Zen fairy :meditate: for you...& the beam fairy for your DD, but we need them back by Sunday,lol!


Good luck! Hopefully the judges will keep it together for her! I've requested a bar fairy for her too, while I asked for one for my little gymmies L4 State this Sat.


I too will be sending the horizontal cast fairy your way. I hope she has a great first meet of the season :)


Thanks all.

Since I was certified as a meet director last year, I have my professional membership. Now coach would like me to be on the floor with her for the whole meet to help keep the girls in order while she is coaching (there are 9 girls and she is the only coach). I just hope this doesn't make dd more nervous. I'll be nervous enough for her, but will do my best not to show it!
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