What to do about a blood blister on the palm?

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Aug 20, 2009
My son got a blood blister last night at practice on rings. It's pretty big, on the palm of his hand just below the middle finger, so a spot that takes a lot of pressure.

He has practice again tonight and is begging me to let him pop it. My initial thought is no, but he thinks it will pop at practice tonight anyway.

What do you think?
The best thing to do is boil a needle and pop it . If he went to practice it would pop and could spread an infection on the equipment. Then clean it and cover it up.
Thanks! Well, we tried and couldn't pop it LOL....it's underneath a pretty thick callous so I actually think it probably won't pop on it's own. We are going to put a bandage on and tape it up, just in case it does pop. And I think I will go in and let his coaches know....

He was actually pretty proud of it, showed it off at school today....gross if you ask me!
u definatly need to pop it. use rubbing alcohol on a neadle to make it clean and pop it.
Well, it didn't pop at practice but he came home saying the coach definitely wants him to pop it....yuck!

He is out of practice now until wednesday (since monday is a holiday) So we'll work on it this weekend.

Thanks everyone! I knew you would have the answers!
Just suck it up!

Sorry, a little tasteless here...
My DD had one about 2 weeks ago and we popped it. I thought there would be alot of blood but not too much and since it was under a callous it did not hurt when I used it.
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