WAG Xcel diamond beam

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Aug 3, 2016
Hey, for anyone who has any experience:

Diamond beam requirements say

One Acro Skill with flight

(isolated or in a series)

AND an Acro Series
– with or without flight

Does that mean you can do, say a BWO to BHS and be all set? Or would you have to do, say BWO BWO and BHS separately?

Also for floor, the requirements are:
1. Two separate acro connections each with a min. of two directly connected acro Flight skills.

2. Two different Saltos within the routine (isolated or in series) - one must be a min.“B” (may be included in SR#1).

So, could I do ROBHS tuck, front pike and ROBHS? or something like that? (at a minimum. I'd compete harder stuff, just looking for the minimum you could do)



Jan 18, 2009
Yes, a bwo-bhs series would meet both of those requirements.
And yes, those passes would meet all requirements on floor.
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