Parents 2nd Level 6 Meet Report (video)

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Well most of you have already seen her floor when I posted my "guess the score game", but here is the rest of the story.....

YouTube - Emma's 2nd Level 6 Meet 1/14/09

1st up- Floor
I was totally a wreck during the warm up. My poor dd could not land her front tuck on her feet. This floor was not springy, plus she just looked unsettled. But she did a beautiful routine and got an 8.55. (no need for me to have been worried)

Not her best day of vault. She is very inconsistant on this event. She is very loose and archy. She is having a hard time keeping tight. It was just an Ok vault for her. Score 8.3

She struggles on this event, some of you may remember me posting on how she is making progress. She did great for her. Straight arms on all 3 kips. Still needs to connect it, but much improved. 7.15

Probably her best event. She had a few wobbles and hooked her pinky toe on the full turn, but stayed on. 8.625 for 6th place medal out of 21 girls. ps- her toe is still sore.

Overall a good day. Scoring seemed low to me, but they were consistant. She was so proud of her bars routine.

Then on Monday she went to gym and did her front handspring, front pike and her robhs layout. I saw them, they were beautiful. The coaches were giving her high fives. She is totally on a gymnastics high.
Thanks for the reply. I was starting to wonder why no one was replying.

She had gym last night too and she said they changed her vault steps becuase she was hitting the board in the wrong spot (you can see it on the video). Hopefully, that will help some.
Just watched the video. Let me start out by saying that I love her leo!

I thought her tumbling was very good, she stuck the landings on all 3 passes (very important in 6). Let me just say that when my dd did level 6, she never scored higher than a 8.95 on floor. I think your dd is getting dinged for some text errors (max I believe thinking back that they can get off for text errors is .3), but there some other things that could help. She needs more leg separation in her BHS (her legs need to be more split), she also needs to "T" out of her BWO.

I thought her vault looked good, you already know what she needs there, but vault is vault and I have come to terms with it (with my dd that is)! (LOL ;))

Bars, it looks like she has the skills but now she just needs to put it together. Her breaks in the routine really killed her, but that will come with time. Bars is killer at L6, if she is still smiling at the end of the season, then she will survive! ;)

Beam was lovely - great job by your dd.

Love to hear that she is all smiles and doing some uptraining. She can definitely use those passes when she goes to 7.
Thanks Grannie, those leotards are new for this year and boy were they expensive. They have about a million sparkly rhinestones.
Thanks Grannie, those leotards are new for this year and boy were they expensive. They have about a million sparkly rhinestones.

The more the bling, the higher the score! Oh, if it was only that easy - we'd all pay a fortune every yr for leos.... My dd's leo was ubber-expensive too and she gets a new one every yr! I think they are getting new warm ups too this yr. I'm going to go pluck the money tree in the backyard now... :rolleyes:
DD's last leotard was CM and she wore it for level 4 and 5. This one is an AXS and will last her several years. Our warm up is on its 3rd year. It is CL and we are squeezing this year out. It is a bit small (jacket is short), but it saved me about $180.
Emma did a beautiful job! Nice save on her full turn and once she gets her connections on bars she will be seeing some great score on bars.I thought all routines looked very good.It seems that everyone is wearing rhinestones this year,my dd got new leo this year which I really like but boy you would thank they where diamonds $$$.
Thanks for the video! I thought she did really well, level 6 can be tough. It seems like that is one of those "just get through it" levels! Their leos are very cute:)! We got new ones this year, and they are very "bling, bling", the girls instantly smile when they put them on:cool:!

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