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gym law mom

Proud Parent
My daughter is 10yo and just finished her 1st Level 6 season. We have an older daughter who tried gymnastics, but fear of heights ended that when she was about 7. When not working in work comp for a large insurance company, I'm either a band parent, board member of a skating club(older one does figure skating) or gym mom depending on which has an activity going.

Look forward to some great talks about gymnastics and learning alot.

Merry Christmas to all of you.
Welcome gym law mom...we're glad to have you here. Sounds like you have a busy schedule. Tell your friends...we are really working hard to make this a great community. Merry Christmas!
Sounds like you're as busy as my family and I are. My younger sister plays select softball, takes art lessons, and just quit gym this summer. I compete level six, do cheerleading, and play violin. My dad's on the school board and my mom works part time. We're always on the go!
Hi to Gym Law Mom - I love your name! I'm a lawyer too but work for a private firm doing real estate litigation (title stuff mostly). My husband is a stay at home Dad. We have two kids in gymnastics - my DD turned 5 in October and is in preteam. Her coaches have said she will move to Level 4 next year. My 8 yo son is also in preteam. He's on the fence periodically about quitting but my dh has insisted he stay in at least until summer gets here. He may or may not continue with it. My 7 yo daughter tried gymnastics but her lack of flexibility made it difficult and she decided she'd rather play soccer. Welcome to the community! :)
law moms

I am taking the LSAT in FEB! It was my inital intent to go to Law school but financially I had to choose a quick career - so I became a nurse. Now after getting my Master's degree as a Nurse Practitioner I am going to try to go back to school (again)! Nice to meet you guys!
law moms

Well. just4--before I went to law school, I was a nurse also. Mainly worked in the ER. The 1st year is the most demanding and stressful. After that you can pick classes that you have more interest in(ok some classes are needed to get through the bar exam). Good luck on the LSAT!
just read your post

too iroinic - i am a nurse practitioner and I also work in an ED! I am sure it will be hard to juggle everything but I actually function more efficiently when I am in overload (must be why I work in the emergency department!)

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